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Summer 2006

seeking out corners of the world unenflamed by bushisme

Certainly enough to inspire us to continue for a while longer! (click on the photos to proceed)

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Devon and Cornwall, April 2006

Berrynarbor, Devon (Tim, Tim, Kristin)

Pubcrawling in Devon and Cornwall, 2006

Berrynarbor and Porlock, Exmoor

Coast Path, Ilfracombe and Berrynarbor

Botallack Manor, Cornwall

Coast Path, Botallack to Land's End

Coast Path, St Ives to Zennor

Coast Path, Botallack to the Levant Mines

Mousehole, Land's End, Godolphin House

La Dôle

A walk up nearby La Dôle, 21 May 2006

Newfoundland, June 2006

Tour boat on Western Brook Pond

Newfoundland 2006

Change Islands

Fogo Island

Gros Morne: Trout River

Gros Morne: Cow Head

Western Brook Pond (fjord)

Gros Morne: lake & coastal walks

Marlowe's wedding picnic, July 2006

Marlowe's wedding, July 2006 .....

and general reunion (Alison, sister Susan, Marlowe, the Old Dad, Kristin)

Mt Cube, New Hampshire, July 2006 (Kristin, Alison)

Tschingellochtighorn with the old gang, July 2006

Tschingellochtig above Engstligenalp, July 2006

(from back upwards) Joe, Teny, Charlie, Jodi, Kristin

A visit to Thun on the way home

Lac d'Hongrin, July 2006

Kristin, Pointe d'Aveneyre

Rochers de Naye from Hongrin, end of July 2006

Rochers de Naye, end of July 2006 (from left: Joe)

Is it odd to end our summer 2006 pages in late July? Yes and no. It's odd in one sense, because August still remains to be got through. But on the other hand, every French person and most Germans go off on holidays for all of August -- you ought to see them on the beach! -- so August is a perfect time to go back to work in the office, and there are no good photographs to come out of that. So since Swiss National Day, 1 August 2006, we've been hunkered down in the office and dreaming about autumn and winter!

Sept. 2006: a visit to L'Etivaz to see Pierre & Laurie-Carroll

October 2006: a visit to Ollon to see Lisa's new house

Winter 2006-2007. What's up for winter 2006-2007, barring a stroke, kidney failure, or Dick Cheney? Lots of work for a while -- Ramsar has just launched two new publications series, which means a pretty full InBox for the series editor /layout person, but in November Kristin's coming, so the layout person is pissing off for a while anyway and we're going to Rome (Kristin lived there for ten years and ought to make a pretty estimable guide to the best bits. Of Rome.). And Kristin's coming back again in early January, presumably once again with good ideas for livening things up for a while. And, if US-led Global Warming holds off a little while longer, lots and lots of scenic showshoeing.

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