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Summer 2001 -- the year of the MOOSA

Summer hols have come along again, Thanks Bog. If our friends in Boston, in these boom years of the greatest US economic expansion the world has ever seen [explanatory note], still refuse to come to visit us in Europe, well then, we'll have to go to Boston.

Once in Boston . . . what? Films, friends, pubs, museums, etc., and very relaxing barbecues in Framingham, and then . . . what? Well, it's off to the White Mountains again, to hike our little butts off, and after that -- THE MOOSA TOUR.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

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To start off the summer, querulous Dr Peck stands alongside Ms. L. Durham atop the Roman amphitheatre in Arles, southern France, during a visit by staff of the secretariat of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in June 2001. The entire Ramsar expedition to the Camargue can be seen here, including the flamingos and the bull sausages -- in this scene, Mr Peck is preparing himself mentally for the MOOSA Tour, and Ms L. Durham is preparing herself for lunch.

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Then it's off with Sir Charles for a few days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA. We're sort of near the top of the Huntington headwall at this point. Arteries long unused through a grim winter are opening up again to full capacity, or full diminished capacity, and many many different religions are passing through one's head all vying for equal attention. But, frankly, at this point there's no real way to distinguish between them. Possibly there never is.

The MOOSA TOUR is next.

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Having puttered about for a few days on Mt Washington in New Hampshire, USA, the country of his birth, for which he holds no regrets, well not too many, Mr Peck joined Professor Berman on a weeklong bicycling tour from Rangely, Maine, through the mountains and down onto the St. Lawrence River to Québec, and a pleasant tour of the city with cycling friends, and some more 110km rides in the hills north of the city. A brief report.

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Our friends in Boston refused steadfastly to come to Europe, but then fed us really well in Framingham, Mass. So we'll call it even for this year.

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Summer hols 2001 have come and gone. Mr Peck's number 3 daughter Marlowe comes to Europe anyway, and we sojourn northwards to Bonn, Germany, to number 1 daughter Alison's place of work -- the Max Planck Institut für Radio-Astronomie in Bonn and, much more fun, the largest single steerable radio telescope in the world, at nearby Effelsberg.

To end the summer of 2001 in some style, hiking visits to the Swiss Jura from both Marlowe (above) and Alison. To be seen here.

Summer 2001

Mt Washington, USA, by Ammonoosuc and Huntington Ravine trails

The MOOSA tour, Maine to Québec

Barbecue in Framingham, cycling to Rockport

Visit to Alison at the Effelsberg radio telescope in Germany

Visits by Marlowe and Alison to the Jura, September-October

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