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Winter 2015-2016

Dispatches from way, way behind the lines in Switzerland

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

What with one thing and another, we haven't been able to romp in the snow very much at all this winter. We've found some good uses of our time anyway. Click on the photos to proceed

2015 was the hottest year on record. Let's see how 2016 goes.

Coming off an intangibly rewarding summer on hydrobikes (with Cousin Rob, above) in northern Wisconsin . . .

. . . we're home and ready for some scenic hiking, like at the Sanetschpass in the Alps above Sion, 1 October 2015.

Some odds and ends as we decompress from our travels and prepare for more

A walk up Mont Sâla, and more to the point, down it again, 4 October 2015

A walk down the Gorge du Chauderon to Montreux, 11 October 2015

A walk round Aigle, Switzerland, and its château, 16 October 2015

To Crêt de la Neuve amid scenes of forestry destruction, 21 October 2015

A lively Hallowe'en party down in the basement, 31 October 2015

Two weeks in Umbria in east-central Italy, November 2015

Urbino, November 2015

Piacenza on the way south, 11 November 2015

Based in Gubbio, Umbria, 13-21 November 2015

A day in Assisi, 16 November 2015

A hike up Monte Ingino above Gubbio, 17 November

A day in Urbino in the Marche, 18 November 2015

A day in lovely Perugia in Umbria, 19 November 2015

Last day in Gubbio, 20 November 2015

Stocking up on Grignolino in Lu on the way home

Autumn walks

First snow above the Col de la Givrine, 29 November

The Chemin des Narcisses above Montreux, 6 December

Pilgrimage to Fort Bard, December 2015

Medieval Bard in the Aosta region, 20 December 2015

Ivrea in the Piemonte region, 21 December 2015

The Galleria Sabauda, Turin, Italy, 22 December 2015

A good look round Fort Bard, 23 December 2015

Chasing after more castles . . .

. . . unsuccessfully.

January interval

Lake Geneva's Grand Canal, 1 January 2016

Snow day in Ollon, 16 January 2016

A fine day out in the Jura's Grande Rolat forest, 14 February 2016

Five days in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, February 2016

An overnight stop in Settimo Vittone, 15 February 2016

Downtown Parma in the rain, 16 February 2016

The National Art Gallery of Parma, 17 February

The Baptistery, & Correggio's Madonna in the Duomo

General sightseeing, 18 February 2016

More churches, and the cittadella, 19 February 2016

Saturday street markets in Parma, 20 February

And back over the Alps to home

Post-Parma relaxations, March-April 2016

Les Grangettes nature reserve, Lake Geneva

Circuit de Plantour & Château d'Aigle, 28 February

Lost in the Bois de la Givrine, 6 March 2016

Lakeside walk to Montreux, 9 March 2016

Lost in the Bois de la Sauge, 20 March 2016

A late season walk to Mont de Bière, 10 April 2016

Le Noirmont in new snow, 1 May 2016

The Chemin des Narcisses above Montreux, 4 May

Ten days in Sirmione, Verona, Vicenza, etc., northern Italy, May 2016

The Castello Scaligero, Sirmione, from our balcony

The Castello di Masino, Piemonte, 10 May 2016

Based in Sirmione on Lago di Garda, 10-17 May

Verona in the Veneto region, 12 May 2016

Vicenza in the Veneto, 14 May 2016

The Castello Scaligero, Soave

The Castello Scaligero, Sirmione

Mantua (Mantova), Lombardy, 15 May 2016

Sirmione sights, 16 May 2016

Vignale Monferrato, Piemonte, 17 May 2016

Casale Monferrato, Piemonte, 18 May 2016

What's Next?

A visit to Colmar, very soon, and then to the USA at midsummer for two months, friends and family in northern Wisconsin.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome if positive, resented if negative, . All rights reserved, all wrongs avenged. Posted 6 August 2016.

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