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Summer 2022

A photographic record of whatever leapt out at us

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go..

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Springtime in the Shenandoah Valley

Searching for spring flowers at Sherando Lake and the Montgomery Hall jungle, March 2022

Early April scenery, with cats: Farmers' Market, Montgomery Hall, Frontier Culture Museum

Looking for new vegetation in western Virginia
late April 2022

Surprise. The vegetation is already jungly by mid-May, and the forest fire has disappeared

The descent of the Ottawa gang upon us, and Sherando Lake salamanders, mid-May 2002

Treating our visitors to Staunton's Frontier Culture
Museum, 19 May 2022

In transit to Wisconsin: hikes near Morgantown, West Virginia, late May 2022


More to follow, if our luck holds
a little longer

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