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Winter 2007-2008

Not enough snow by half

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go. Click on pictures to proceed.

Brief welcome getaways to some very hikable places and a lot of scenic Swiss Jura snowshoeing. What more could we hope for these days? (Well, "what more", I ask? How about federal indictments for the Bush Gang!)

Maine, USA

A visit to the coast of Maine, USA, September-October 2007

Promising early snow -- a few walks up Mont de Bière Devant the hard way, early November 2007

A snowy snowshoeless walk out to the Couvert de la Sèche de Gimel, 11 November 2007


A week's hiking on Corsica, November-December 2007


A weekend at the P'tite Auberge and some hiking above the Lac de Taney, December 2007

A few chilly hikes across Le Platforme with Dr Pirri, December 2007

Durham Christmas in Ollon and hiking at Solalex, 2007

Snowshoe hikes

New Year's Day hike and a festive fondue

Two snowy birthday hikes from the Col du Marchairuz, 3-4 January

The New Year 2008 gets underway, with horrible depredations in Gaza, Darfur, Iraq, Somalia, what's left of Afghanistan, infectious epidemics across half the world, drought spreading inexorably, but some pretty promising snow in the Jura.

Lisa-hikes in the Jura, 13 and 20 January 2008

After a promising start to the season, Pres. Bush's Global Warming kicked in and we were really struggling, waiting for the snowy help that never comes.

Snowshoe hikes up above Bassins and with Dr Pirri to Les Echadex, early February 2008

Hike in the forest of Amburnex, 10 February 2008

Another visit to our favorite mountain auberge, the P'tite Auberge at the Lac de Taney -- astonishing cuisine and ambiance, but, unfortunately, bronchitis (cough! pardon.), too.

Bergamo, Italy

In the absence of good snow, a serious study tour to Bergamo, Italy, in late February 2008

We were becoming "bitter", as Sen. Obama would say, and beginning to embrace religion, guns, anti-reproductive-choice, and credit cards, but now! THE SNOW IS BACK. Easter weekend -- Jesus brought us a special gift.

More snowshoe hikes

A really special gift and we almost got lost out in it. Mont-de-Bière Derrière, 21 March 2008

The Dunanche farm, 23 March 2008, still snowing, oh lovely.

A Lisa-hike, with semi-gourmet lunch, early April 2008

Declining snowshoeing opportunities, late March and to mid-April 2008. We blame President Bush for this.

Crêt de la Neuve with Dr Pirri in smooshy snow, 20 April 2008

Alison's visit from Chile for fondue, raclette, and pretty uncertain snowshoeing.

What's next?

A lot depends on whether Mr Cheney decides to go nuclear as law enforcement closes in upon him -- then everybody's hopes and dreams are changed. It's a COP year, so we're living from weekend to weekend anyway. Kristin's coming in May, with some time in Rome, and again in August. Otherwise, work, work, work, until the big COP in Changwon, South Korea, in October and November.

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