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In about 1995 or so, Kristin like a new planet swam into our ken

Kristin photographed by Kaybee; note the expressive toes.
(Many of the photos are linked to source pages.)

Kristin in the garden at her house among the lakes in northern Wisconsin, 1995

Kristin and cornices near Mont Tendre, May 1995

Kristin in Gimel, May 1995 (one of the last few cigarettes)

Kristin at the Trient Glacier, June 1995

Near La Dôle, June 1995

La Tour de Famelon, June 1995

Kristin camping on Mont Sala with Marlowe Peck, October 1995

With a friend, December 1995

Kristin and an admirer on Mont Tendre, January 1996

Pointe de Poêle Chaud and La Dôle

Kristin near the top of Pointe de Poêle Chaud, January 1996

Kristin skiing near Marchairuz, January 1996

Kristin and hiking companion on the Rocher du Midi, June 1996

Kristin visiting Alice R. Peck in Ohio, USA, August 1996

Kristin and Cousin Rob on Rochers de Naye, June 1998 (the Leysin Tours on the horizon)

Hiatus, but in 2003 . . .

Kristin's house in Boston, U.S.A.

Pennsylvania, April 2003

Kristin and son George

Kristin adopting the veil in Vienna, July 2003

Kristin, Vienna, July 2003

Doubtful but basically well-meaning

Kristin on the Danube, with himself and Elke, 2003

Kristin and a friend in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy, July 2003

Kristin on the coast of Devon, October 2003

Kristin in the famous "slipper bath of Devon", October 2003

Kristin darting all about Jura forests on snowshoes, January 2004.

Mont Tendre, July 2004

Ottawa, August 2004

Kristin in Cornwall, October 2004.

The forest above Bassins, November 2004

Kristin and Dr Joe on Noirmont, January 2005.

Kristin with Joe and Teny at Rawilpass, August 2005.

Christmas Day 2005

Wait, don't jump. Cornwall, UK, April 2006.

Newfoundland, Canada, June 2006

Kristin with Pecks in Vermont, 2006

Rome, November 2006

Northern Ireland, 2007

Hiking up to the Lac de Salanfe, Switzerland, July 2007

Prague, Czech Republic, August 2007

Cadillac Mountain, Maine, USA, September 2007

Lac de Taney, February 2008

Bergamo, February 2008

Murren, Switzerland, 2008

Rosenlaui, 2008

Southwestern France, 2008

Bourdeilles in the Perigord, southwestern France, June 2009

Getting married, USA, 2009

The Lizard, Cornwall, October 2009

Corsica, Christmas 2009

Airborne, USA, summer 2010

Upper Michigan, 2010

In the ladies' baths, Herculaneum, November 2010

Strasbourg, March 2011

Lake Geneva, April 2011

Rome, October 2011

Alhama de Granada, December 2011

With Alison Peck in the Jura, January 2012

Kristin scoring dried pasta e fagioli packets in Savona, Italy, February 2012

Genoa, February 2012

Snowshoeing in the Jura, March 2012

Snowshoeing 2012

Chartres, April 2012

Kristin and a collection of brothers and sisters, Wisconsin, August 2012

Toledo, Spain, November 2012

16 February 2013

17 February 2013

Ferrara, May 2013

Investigating Wisconsin wetlands, July 2018

The Flintsteel River on Lake Superior, September 2021

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