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Winter 2007-2008

Good Early Snow. Who would have believed it? Just as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's 13th conference of the parties is getting under way in Bali, Indonesia, and everyone is agreeing that we're never going to see snow again even in Greenland, we're finally getting some decent autumn snow over here in the Jura.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Two walks up to Mont de Bière Devant, 10 and 11 November 2007

This is Dieter the VW's first good snow in nearly six months, and hopefully he's finally got all the water vapor out of his door locks from last year so we'll be able to get back in later.

We're on our way to Mont de Bière Devant . . . by an uncommon route

Gaining some height

The top ridge is in sight.

Today we're exulting in the new snow -- Thank You, God. -- and trying out a new scramble up from the east through the cliffs of the Bois de la Sauge, and here we are nearing Mont de Bière Devant on a lovely but wet Saturday in November.

The little notch near the top, and the flagpole -- the farm building is on the far side.

Today's walk has been so much fun, all things considered, that tomorrow we're going to gather up Dr Pirri and come back again. He'll be so pleased.

The top ridge, looking southwest towards Geneva

Somebody else is out here in the fog as well

The next day, Dr Pirri is trudging up steep forest to see these wondrous sights for himself.

Luckily, someone has laid in a convenient track to make his walking easier.

That was me. It's much easier today.

Now what?

Perhaps we're lost.

The top ridge is in sight.

And once again, the top of Mont de Bière Devant, 11 November 2007, and the snow's not bad at all for this time of year. Just very wet.

Now what?

I'm insisting that Dr Pirri tell me whether he's having a good time, because I promised that he would.

-- Yes. So far.

That's the easy way to proceed.

The easy way seldom suits Dr Pirri.

Why go in through the front lobby when the servants' entrance is right here?

Little snowy crevices never work out quite the way we had hoped.

Did you bring the lunch?

No, I thought you . . . Never mind.

The farm at Mont de Bière Devant as we stumble by, bound for Mont de Bière.

Up and over

Bushwhacking in circles

We have but to follow.

A daunting stone wall in the way

Dr Pirri taking the stone wall at a dead run and majestic leap . . .

. . . halfway over.

Mont de Bière on a lovely, foggy sort of day

The three-sided cow shed on Mont de Bière

Now just an hour's plod back to the car

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