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Winter 2004-2005

as life's hectic non-stop party threatens to get out of control and really exhausting

Intersessional hikes in April 2005

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Between Kristin's visit in February and her visit in April, the narrator struggled along hiking-wise as best he could. In Kristin's absence, Dr Joe Pirri often had to carry the lunch and wine basket.

Early April 2005, and our guide, called "Guide", leads us out for some lessons in the showshoeing arts.

"Guide" guides us along past the farm of La Foirausaz, preferring uneven ground for the sake of the snowshoe training.

"Guide" prepares to instruct us in how to snowshoe up through a break in the cliffs.

Here "Guide" pauses a while, planning our next moves, whilst we go on around . . .

. . . and greet him as finally he reaches the top.

Mont de Bière Devant

On a very blowy day, the 9th of April 2005, the narrator's car, called "Dieter", is left to ponder the elements as its boss leaves the cistern at Eparçillon to wend upwards into the hills.

The cistern keeps invisibling itself in the gusts of invigorating sleet and snow.

Leaving the well formerly known as Eparçillon and looking forward to some snow down the collar of one's shirt for a while, bound for Mont de Bière Devant.

Still trudging along a while later

The flagpole of Mont de Bière Devant heaves into view, just as despair was setting in.

The ridge near the flagpole, in a vigorous wind.

A self-timer of the old timer

The ridge along the top in a sleety sort of gust.

The Mont de Bière Devant flagpole from the east.

Dieter the Volkswagen weathered the afternoon perfectly, as usual, but four out of six of the six-pack had frozen and popped their tops, so it was a long drive back out.

A few more perambulations in early April

10 April 2005, "Guide" admonishes stragglers to hurry on towards Cunay.

Today's itinerary seems to be a traverse of the long stone wall that fronts Grand Cunay, from near Mont Tendre to near Mont de Bière -- "Guide" recommends the direttissima route, shying neither to the right nor to the left when trees, boulders, or holes intervene.

And here "Guide" comes across a whacking great hole, luckily spotted just before he walked full on into that tree.

Another Jura hole with room for a tour bus down it.

And near the end of the day, about 30% of Dr Pirri disappears abruptly from view into another reminder of the porous limestone nature of the Jura, but luckily we had brought our power winch with us and he was out again not 15 minutes later.

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