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Winter 2002-2003

hasn't really begun yet, but here are some preliminary warm-up photos of


One day, 6 October 2002 in fact, Profs Pirri and Peck were out for a walk above Les Paccots in the Préalps, hurrying through the rain over the Col de Soladier and all around the dripping forests, and getting miserably wet.

Mr Pirri miserably wet. (The date stamp is false.)

In the course of all which, however, they noticed a farmhouse silhouetted on a hill above the Lac des Joncs and vowed to come back for another look, on a sunnier day.

The sunnier day never really came, so on 20 October 2002 they gave up waiting and came along anyway.

And this is the silhouetted farmhouse, called Grevalla-Dessus, at 1387m.

Fast-moving clouds scudding

Dr Pirri takes a quick look round Grevalla-Dessus. (Dessus means the upper one -- there's also a Grevalla-Dessous, the lower one.)

Dr Pirri takes the opportunity to contemplate his future . . .

. . . and then continues his hike towards the Col de Lys.

Later to stand glaring at Dent de Lys from a little col (1560m) near the Col de Lys.

Looking up at the Col de Lys (1783m), which leads over towards Montbovon in the Montbovon-Gruyères valley of the Sarine river. Mr Pirri marched on up there to have a good look round down the other side, but Mr Peck was having a bad-knee day and had to settle in halfway up with his tomato and mozzarella sandwiches and wait for Mr Pirri to return with embroidered tales of the view.

Le Moléson, with the ski restaurant on the far end of it, overlooking Gruyères down the far side.

Looking towards Leysin: the Cap au Moine (1941m) on the left, and the Col de Soladier (1576m) on the ridgeline right of centre. Les Dents du Midi are on the skyline.

A last look at Dent de Lys

The cute farm at Le Berry, time to go home.

Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 20 October 2002
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 13 April 2003
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 18 April 2004

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