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Winter 2002-2003

Very eventful, but in a quiet way

As round the world some of them were trying in vain to convince the rest of us that it would be a fun idea to go bomb a lot of the folks down in Iraq, D. Peck and friends spent the fall and winter hiding out in the safest place they could think of.

The last sortie on snowshoes for the year

What a very nice winter it's been, though way too short. (Have you noticed that they're getting shorter every year? Is that climate change? Age?)

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

An aesthetically rewarding walk up from Les Paccots

13 April 2003, the Promising Lads try to get in one more snowshoe excursion before the whole world deliquesces. This is at Les Joncs (1200m), which is above Les Paccots, which is above Châtel-St-Denis, which is above Vevey. In Switzerland. That's Dr Pirri there in the picture, hapless.

-- Let's go.

Prof. Pirri darts straight up near Grevalla-Dessus, almost sprinting, in a fit of youthful exuberance and joie de vivre.

The farm of Grevalla-Dessus on its isolated little hilltop.

And feeling still more joie de vivrey by the moment, Dr Pirri leaps upward from Grevalla and leaves his photographic crew behind him. In the dust, so to speak.

Here Prof. Pirri approaches a little unnamed summit at 1568m, near the farm of Pralet, southeast of Paccots.

Dr Pirri takes advantage of a convenient nearby cross to strike a pose. The Dent de Lys is peaking over his shoulder.

Mr Peck employs the same cross for the same purpose (after tying his digital camera onto Dr Pirri's wrist to make triply sure that he didn't drop it a half-mile straight down).

Ready to move onward, a very sunny 13 April at the end of a good season. Le Moléson in the background.

The farm of Le Pralet just down the hill a bit.

The farm of Pralet just below the aforementioned little summit.

Dr Pirri contemplates the Dent de Lys (not today's destination).

From Le Berry near the Col de Lys, looking southwestward towards the Col de Soladier, with Jaman and Rochers de Naye beyond and the long, deep Chauderon ravine curving down to Montreux on Lake Geneva.

Time to go home

Dr Pirri prepares to march down the long way around to Les Joncs and turn in his snowshoes for the year. His bicycle is calling to him.

Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 20 October 2002
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 13 April 2003
Les Paccots and Grevalla-Dessus, 18 April 2004

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