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Hikes with daughters and friends, autumn 2001

Summer hols 2001 have come and gone. Mr Peck and number 3 daughter Marlowe took the grand tour of the Max Planck Institut für Radio-Astronomie in Bonn and, much more fun, the largest single steerable radio telescope in the world, at nearby Effelsberg, and then went hiking in Switzerland.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

First, Marlowe and friend Lisa on Mont Tendre

And then, a quick trip through the stupendous Caves of Vallorbe, Marlowe Peck leading her father gently by the hand, with reassuring clichés and heavenward glances of exasperation, over all the scary bits, like the river Orbe 80 meters below and its high water mark painted on the wall above your head.

Warm-up, more or less, for the Poêle Chaud, late August 2001.

Starting out for Poêle Chaud, on the chilliest 1 September in memory, from La Barillete and its Swisscom TV towers in a rainy fog.


Heading towards La Dôle and Poêle Chaud in winter gear and sandals.

Dad suffers in the chilly rain and wonders how others can carry on shoeless without complaining about it.

The route lies up to the left behind the ski-club hut, over the top, and down again from the top right.

Ms M. Peck contemplating cold fog and seeking chamois.

Good luck. There's the chamois.

Marlowe (left) celebrates the cold windy summit with a drink of cold water, Pointe de Poêle Chaud, September 2001.

The summit of Poêle Chaud, and a gentleman running about on the roof working on the antennae

Descending again in mud.

Alison's visit, October 2001

Alison Peck on the opposite side of the same mountain, Poêle Chaud, late October 2001.

Alison Peck, Poêle Chaud, October 2001.

Near la Col de Verne, not too far below the Cornettes de Bise on the Swiss-French border: M. Durham, D. Peck, L. Durham, November 2001.

Durhams in repose

Summer 2001

Mt Washington, USA, by Ammonoosuc and Huntington Ravine trails

The MOOSA tour, Maine to Québec

Barbecue in Framingham, cycling to Rockport

Visit to Alison at the Effelsberg radio telescope in Germany

Visits by Marlowe and Alison to the Jura, September-October

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