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Mr Peck goes to [Mt] Washington [again]

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Explanatory note: The US economy has broken all records for increased overall income in the period 1980 to 2000, but the downside is that, during that period, 47% of the increased income went to the richest 1% of the US population, and the next 40% of increased income went to the next richest 12%. Of all increased prosperity since 1980, 13% of it has benefited the remaining 87% of the American people, which includes me and, most likely, you -- that's an overall average, of course, because most people suffered income losses, sometimes severe, which is why the homeless population arriving in charity shelters now includes more semi-whole families than just winos and retired highschool teachers with only Social Security to live on.

Believe me about these figures if you want to, or don't believe me, or look it up for confirmation, or don't -- it doesn't make any difference what you do, because this isn't going to end anytime soon.

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