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Young William's first trip to Switzerland

Curiosity and bemusement in the Alps and Préalps

Leysin, after all these years

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Young William (or Will; or Bill; Billy, at a need; but never Willie!) is tagging along with his Mum on a visit to childhood Stomping Grounds.

Marlowe spent her formative years (0-7) in Leysin, and it's past time for William to see what all that nostalgia is all about.

We're staying in town with Ariane at her B+B Ermina, and starting our hike from Les Fers a few kilometres out.

Les Diablerets just over the way

The Tour de Famelon above us, beckoning

The carpark at the restaurant of Les Fers.

Our party is progressing, Marlowe, Lisa, and Kristin, with William amusing himself as best he may till it's over.


And doubts

William is impatient at the pace of the Old Folks, so Marlowe hurries him along to prevent him from insulting us.

William is developing a taste for hiking.

There is a lot of social catching-up to do, too.

Lisa and Kristin

William longs to be off on his own.

Lisa and Kristin

Panorama: Les Diablerets

Pic Chaussy

In the other direction, the Tour de Mayen, and Dessus Corbex

William calming down a bit after his ascent

A somewhat closer view of the Tour de Famelon

William exulting

Lisa and Kristin

Kristin handing out the biscuits

William and his biscuit

And the promise of still more biscuits

Noticing that the biscuits are all gone

The descent

-- Giddyap!

Mastering the art of walking with a ski pole

The trick is to get just the right length.

Dinner at the Fromagerie in the lower village of Leysin (built with wood recovered from ancient chalets into the concrete of the old Coop market) -- a wonderful place, and with the Museum of Old Leysin upstairs.

William, boisterous

Lisa and Marlowe

William in La Fromagerie

William and Marlowe in La Fromagerie (as every night, they're making cheese in the background)

Breakfast at the Chalets Ermina

From our room in Chalet Ermina 2, looking at Chalet Ermina 1 (connected by a tunnel, in fact), with workmen repairing the patio stones below us.

William trying to sit still

Always fascinated by workmen

Looking for new worlds to conquer

Catching up on the news


Chalet Pollux in Leysin, Marlowe's home in the early years

The trees are "new" and so are the flags, but otherwise . . .

quite nostalgically similar.

The path out to Nid d'Aigle, the eagle's nest, overlooking the valley of the Rhône

William as Dead Weight

The Nid d'Aigle

The mouth of the Rhône, and Lake Geneva

The mountains across the way, chiefly the Cornettes de Bise and the Jumelles

Hiking back, on a path much improved since the old days

A rock of evil memory -- I broke my foot on it at high speed, 9 August 1988, and took the better part of a year to get it right again.

The Grand Hotel of Leysin, formerly all sorts of things, beginning in the 1890s, then the American College of Switzerland from 1981 to 1991, then a branch of Schiller International University until a few years ago, and now, finally, restored to its former grandeur, as the "Belle Epoque", by the Leysin American School for its International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.

A formidable job of restoration and renovation

And La Pyrole, formerly our ACS Library, apparently now converted to a private residence associated with the school

Bag's End, where Marlowe's mom lived for a while back in the old days. This is our trailhead today.

Just down the hill -- Villa Florence, where Marlowe dwelt for her first year or two.

The Prafandaz restaurant

Local architecture

A new picnic ground near Prafandaz, overlooking Lake Geneva

Who's the finicky eater?

Who runs off waving his arms all round?

Breakfast with Ariane at Chalet Ermina

Smug William

Kristin and Ariane -- we're coming back in two weeks' time.

A last Leysin-ish walk at the Lac des Chavonnes, near La Chamossaire on the far side of the valley

The Lac des Chavonnes (low tide)

William in the papoose

Leysin's Tour de Mayen in the distance

Mont d'Or

Leysin towers in the distance (Tour d'Aï, Tour de Mayen, Sur les Truex, and Tour de Famelon), Mont d'Or on the right

Les Lagots farm (1717m) and Les Diablerets on the horizon

William loves dead leaves.

Tour de Famelon

Lac des Chavonnes at the end of the summer

Back up the hillside (William doubtful)

Kristin encouraging William to have a go at it.

Marlowe and William in Switzerland, October 2012


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