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Mr Peck and friends visit Venice

Venice, Italy, has been around for a long while, but it wasn't until 1978 that Mr D. Peck noticed.

Alison and Deirdre Peck and their mom in Venice (with a pretty old box camera) in April 1978.

Back again in aqua alta, Piazza San Marco, October 1981.

Traveling companion and pillar, 1981.

Travelers passing through Venice bound for the Dolomites, October 1981.

Marlowe T. Peck meets her first Venetian pigeons, June 1987.

Marlowe, tiring of Venice and its museums, pleads to go to Turkey now (1987).

Lisa used to live in Venice and still returns, especially for the carneval, and dresses up spookily, as here in 2000.

Lisa in Venice for Carneval 2000.

Lisa and André (Dante) in St Mark's square

Venice, etc., in 2010

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