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The Grottes de Naye

Views of a few more trips through the caves

The Grottes de Naye are a complicated reticulum of channels, tunnels, sinkholes, and nasty cracks in the limestone left behind when the glacier inside the Rochers de Naye mountain, above Montreux, Switzerland, melted out early in the 20th century. Scuba-spelunkers can wander about at their leisure in the vast and narrow subterranean passages, but hikers pursue a 20-minute slippery, muddy dash upward, or slide downward, by following little trailmarkers, or just keeping always to their left (upward) or right (downward).

Peter von Bawey accompanying the narrator on his first trip through the Grottes de Naye, October 1980 -- starting out at the bottom (above), and (right) very pleased to reach the top of the ridge after a horrific time on the snow above the upper exit of the caves.

Fritz entering the bottom of the caves, 5 July 1981 (snow lasts longer at the bottom entrance to the caves because it lies at the base of an avalanche route off the walls above).

Jane following Fritz. (Faulty camera, sorry.)

Unsuccessful this time: 2/3 of the way up, the route was blocked by ice, and the hikers returned to the lower entrance (Fritz and Kris climbing out again). Jane and Fritz (right) thinking up a different hike to go on, rather than lose the day.

Carmen, Kim, Jamie, and Bill at the bottom entrance, September 1992.

Jamie and Kim leaving the top entrance

Carmen, Bill, Jamie, and Kim on the path from the upper entrance to the top of the ridge. No external stairway in those days.


Bill, Kim, and Jamie at the top of the ridge, with the old warning sign.

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Marlowe Peck's trip through the caves in mid-September 1992. See it all here.

Joe Pirri's enthusiastic trip through the caves in September 2003. More here.

Grottes de Naye

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