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Great wood sculptures of the Jura

Bringing the Jura past to life again, and dragonslayers as well

The village of St George, and the Col du Marchairuz, and in fact the entire Lake Geneva region of La Côte are all better off now because of these fantastic pieces of wood sculpture stuck all over the territory. They brighten you up whenever you drive or walk past them.

The front door of the hotel at the Col du Marchairuz, 21 March 2004, with a woodcarved statue ("le Vieux skieur") by the guy in St. George, Paul Monney, who's done a lot more of them all around the region, including Charlie Chaplin and St George slaying the dragon.

Four years later, 5 January 2008, the Old Skier has been joined by somebody else. These are some of the wood sculptures of the incredible Paul Monney of St.-George, two of more than 60 works scattered throughout the region (some of them nearly inaccessible up in the forests).

This is "Le Chamois", permanently on the roadside (it's still connected to the root system) on the tiny road called the Chemin de la Glacière that leads up from St. George to the cave system called "La Glacière".

There is a brochure about Paul Monney's sculptures and where to find them.

Here are some unprofessional badly-lit photos taken in the village of St George on 27 January 2008, just to show you what you can see if you drive on up here and look at them more closely.

St George and his dragon, of course

Downtown St George

The original Charlie Chaplin, with some friends

At Signal de Bougy, February 2010

Auguste Piccard the balloonist

Gazing out over Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

The road above St-George towards La Glacière

The cabin of the bûcherons, or forestry fellows, on the road to the Glacière above St-George, 13 October 2012.

Kristin and the bûcheron

Another brilliant woodcarving by M. Paul Monney. And a little farther along the same road, near the L'Eau Pendante cliffs . . .

The Story of the Bear in the Marchairuz region. From the journal of Baron Guiguer de Prangins, October 1772, recounting the tale of Jacques, the former shepherd from Prangins, who killed a bear above Saint-George with a bayonnet to the throat. It was gigantic (measurements follow).

Mr Monney's version of it

The bear of Marchairuz

St-George, 13 January 2013

Outside the Restaurant "Au Cavalier", inviting diners to try it out

Le Sapin à Siméon, 30 December 2012

Le Sapin à Siméon, a nature walking area just below the Col du Marchairuz on the Lake Geneva side

M. Monney's wonderful sculptures can be seen all over the La Côte region around St-George

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