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Let's see if we can squeeze through another Year of Trump!

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Snowshoeing at New Year's 2018: a study in futility

We had such fun tramping around in the snow a few weeks ago that we've come up to the Col de la Givrine to have another go. We're feeling a little let down. 30 December 2018.

Never mind. As devoted snowshoers, we're prepared to put up with a little inconvenience.

So we're off, into the Bois des Piles across the road.

At least we're on the right side of the road, evidently, and our hopes are high.

Oh, for pity's sake. What now?

So far so good. Not that the snowshoes are actually helping at all, but we know from long experience that if we'd left them in the car, we'd be up to our knees in new powder by now.

It's decision time.

Desperate measures

When a tree falls over in this region, it pulls up the forest floor with it.

Now things are finally looking up.


We're crossing a cross-country ski piste, without the piste.

"La Cabane à Peter -- pour plus de 30 ans dans les forêts de la commune de Givrins."

This has been going on for some time now, and to be honest we're sick of it.

Especially when the trail signs are just making fun of us.

Out of the woods for the moment, and we're staring up at La Dôle, with its Geneva airport radar installations on top.

And in the centre, the restaurant at the bottom of La Dôle's skilifts, called the Cuvaloup de Crans

We're reduced to trying to hop from one snow patch to the next one. The mountain on the left of centre is the Pointe de Poêle Chaud, one of our most favorite destinations.

Stop it! As if we're trying to ruin their blessed ski track.

Still more trouble

Now we've got a swamp to deal with.

Mind the step.

Looks like a car wreck on the M1.

What we'll do for a little snow probably isn't entirely sane.

Our scout is returning with more bad news.

Water-wings would be more helpful than snowshoes.

Dedication. Persistence. Folly.

Progressing from snow patch to snow patch.

That was our worst snowshoe hike since the last time the same thing happened. That's a good view of the Pointe de Poele Chaud, though, and of La Dôle.

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