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Winter 2017-2018

In the dreadful, and hopefully only, Year of Trump

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

A wandering-about sort of walk up to Mont de Bière Devant

On a grey and tired day in mid-November

Dr Joe is leading us out into dimly remembered tracts of Jura pasture and forest, starting from the road at the Sapin à Siméon carpark near the Col du Marchairuz, 19 November 2017.

It's all very clear in memory, but bewildering here on the ground.

We're looking for a little path on the far side of this pasture, leading off into the forest and a host of worthy objectives . . .

. . . but we've got it wrong again.

In fact, we appear to be in the wrong pasture.

All course corrections seem to require another uphill.

Finally a landmark, the 'Chalet Neuf' (1456m), so . . .

. . . at least we're on the right pasture now.

At the top of which, there is a cosy little hut.

The cosy little hut zoomed -- another 'known known'. Memory is perking up a little by this time.

Our recollection of the proper way forward was now solid -- prompting Dr Joe to dash off speculatively into the underbrush.


As a matter of chance, he's brought us to our objective, the farm at Mont de Bière Devant. Not 'to it' so much as 'above it'.

Corrective measures

Mont de Bière Devant

It seems like yesterday that we were glad to find that door unlocked (it's not unlocked today) and crawled inside after an awkward knee event.

The assault on the summit

We're passing the thousand milestone on hikes to this scenic spot.

A straggler

The Mont de Bière Devant southeast ridge

Grace in motion -- in a single bound.

A well-traveled farm road back out to Sapin à Siméon

Another prompt to memory -- a barbed-wire gate that was closed in the near-dark as a speeding mountain bike attempted to pass through, many years ago

The Nyon rail station at the end of the day

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