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Winter 2014-2015

Despite the Resurgence of the Pugs

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

The forest of Grande Rolat in wet snow

We've been traveling a lot lately, lacking decent snow anyway, and nursing knee issues for the past few months, and on top of that, we've moved farther away from the old stomping grounds, so . . .

. . . today, on 11 January 2015, it's a treat to discover that our traditional Jura snowshoeing guide, Dr Joe, is willing to lead us out into the wilds once again.

Nicely disguised, here's the sinkhole that has always been our landmark when bushwhacking up this way. Someone's made it much safer.

The same hole in previous years. The same hiking companion as well.

Dr Joe sprints off into the forest, and we need to shout to remind him that he's forgotten us.

It's okay, he was only kidding.

There is a certain pleasant randomness to Dr Joe's trail-finding.

Quel horreur. Since we've been here last, a giant lumber company machine has been through and gouged out half-meter-deep ruts along one of our favorite trails.

It's better to go around.

We're having a fine and bracing day out, but our prudent guide recommends that we circle around and start back lest we tempt the ironic fates of bad knees.

Once again, he's forgotten we're here. DR JOE!

Our bushwhacking brings us back into the holey country up the hill westward from the Réfuge Intercommunal.

Gazing into the abyss. We've been here many times and always lost.

All the little ferns that love limestone close to the surface, and usually mean holes in the forest floor.


Mind the step.

Mind these steps, too.

Dr Joe doesn't even slow down.

Another obstacle

We follow along in confidence.

And strive not to be left behind

Back at the carpark on the Marchairuz/Vallée du Joux road, I am modeling my new winter hat made by our friend Kim in Wisconsin.

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