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Promenade through Bougy-Villars to the Signal de Bougy

7 January 2014

It's a nice day near Lake Geneva (for a change), but we're short on time and just going out for a jaunty walk up the hill.

Looking out over Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) from the near side of Bougy-Villars

One of the beautiful old vineyard domains

The main road from Aubonne into the village of Bougy Villars

The new church

The little place in front of the church

Bougy-Villars' high street

The chocolate maker and the auberge communale

The auberge

The old church

The other (western) end of Bougy-Villars. It's time to turn straight up the hill.

Rocky outcrops look distinctly military. There are disused gun emplacements in the oddest places.

Finally, the top of the hill, and the edge of the Signal de Bougy family park

Towards the centre of the Signal de Bougy park, past the petting zoo

The ice cream shop and workshops, with Paul Monney's enormous woodcarving of a hot air balloon

The playground (Marlowe put some quality time in on these things a few decades ago, when we lived in Gimel up the road)

The restaurant (and the mule exhibit)

The restaurant

Lake Geneva looking towards Geneva itself in the sun's glare

The forecourt of the main buildings

One of the walking paths through the park

The Signal de Bougy itself

Our village of Féchy down below

An amusement course in which children zip along from platform to platform on cables strung through the trees (not me!)

The village of Montherod, looking northward

The city of Lausanne to the east

We've come back down through the woods now, and here's the uppermost part of Féchy, called Les Cassivettes, where the somewhat more well-to-do people live.

Imagine the upkeep costs

A number of celebrities are said to live up here in Les Cassivettes

And all but one of the town's swimming pools seem to be up here in this neighborhood.

Elegant old Chivrageon -- we're still a hundred metres above home, so here go the knees.

Lower Féchy down the hill, with Lake Geneva

Entering Féchy-Dessus (Upper Féchy), with our twin "Moloks" for weighing our recycling and charging us at the end of the year.

We're home -- (and knocked nearly two minutes off our best time for the loop).

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

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