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Still good snow in the Jura

More explorations in our own little square kilometre

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Possibly the last of this season's scenic views of god-knows-what-we'll-find in the forest near the Col du Marchairuz (14 April 2013)

We spent the winter lurking and larking about on the old forest trails in this complicated patch of ground, and now that Kristin's back, she gets to see some of it, too.

We've survived the coldest month of March in Swiss records, and Kristin's back from Florida to continue her tanning regime here in Switzerland.

We're scuttling downrange, past the farm of Pré de Rolle, keen to show Kristin the neat scenic path we stumbled up last weekend.

Probably she's as keen as we are.

Spring melt. We're diverging off to the right.

An old forestry track makes a picturesque approach to the fun parts.

Beneficial rays of the tanning sun

This track seems to be going on forever.

Past the big cliffs and just now getting up to speed. We're going up there, but not this way.

This track still seems to be going on forever.

And not this way, either.

Around the last turn

-- So, where?

-- There . . .

. . . our short-cut to the heights. But our own track from last week is almost indiscernible now.

-- Top floor, please

-- Penthouse suite, please

We'll be able to see the top soon.

-- Rooftop terrace, please

How invigorating.

Scenic views of the Swiss Jura

Perseverance pays off

The top?

Almost the top. This way.

Probably this way

Surely not this way

-- The top?

-- Almost the top.

Now what? It's all familiar, but.

Where's the ladies'?

Over the top of the Jura ridge

And down to the former Chemin des Crêtes long-distance hiking path (the present path has been rerouted down the France-facing side of the ridge to the left).

Forest débris. And Kristin.

On the old Chemin des Crêtes

Off the old Chemin des Crêtes and back up over the ridge to the Lake Geneva side

Probing questions for the guide

We're looking for the Fontaine Valier; then we'll know where we are.

Bingo. Kristin and the sign for the Fontaine Valier, the highest and one of the only natural water sources in the region, exploited since 1720 for the pastures of the Pré de Rolle below


Down to rejoin another forestry track back out again

On our well-plodded footprints over the past month or so

Late afternoon shadow on this side of the mountain

Back out on the Pré de Rolle . . .

. . . and rejoining Dieter VW on the Marchairuz road, reluctantly finished for today.


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