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Last walks of winter 2012

A collection of scenic Jura bits and bobs

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

A walk out to La Perrause

31 March 2012: A fine day in the new Global Warming dispensation, we're on snowshoes and avoiding the snowless patches.

The farm of La Perrause, just a kilometre and a half north of the road over the Col du Marchairuz

We've been out merrily plodding about on the 'Platforme' and have just come up onto the little La Perrause hill from the north.

It's still March, technically speaking, and we've not only got snowless patches -- we've got flowers. Thanks, Senator Inhofe, for that much at least.

A LOT of snowless patches

In fact . . .

We're going off now to the south, to complete a circular route back to the car.

Near the end of the same day, we're passing the farm at Pré de Bière, the Brassus-Marchairuz road in the background, and heading into the forest of Petite Rolat.

And back to the road

Kristin and Lisa and the sources of the Toleure

8 April 2012: the Toleure, near Bière

Kristin and Lisa looking for the sources of the Toleure and comparing notes

The occasional waterfall near the sources

In a week's time, this could be bone dry.

We've left the Toleure and are forging up into the forest of La Bioleyre above the village of Gimel, and comparing notes.

Comparing notes and catching up on news. We're in the military artillery range -- luckily, it's a Sunday.

And we're stepping lightly.

Unexploded munitions!

Catching up on news and . . .

. . . comparing notes.

Mont de Bière Derrière in the rain

15 April, a rainy day. We elected for no snowshoes and . . .

. . . regretted it. A sodden, sometimes knee-deep trudge back out again.

Sèche de Gimel

6 May 2012, the farm of Joux de Bière off the Marchairuz road, raining again

Joe and Kristin becoming rainworthy

The sun's out, and huge holes appear in the forest floor

Here are two great fans of huge holes in the forest floor (risk-taking behaviors)

Exploring all round in the protected-area depression in the middle of the Sèche de Gimel

Teetering, briefly

-- What are you shaking your head at?

Another great hole in the forest floor. Who's going in?

We're being stared at whilst looking for the bottom of the hole in the forest floor

We're through to the bottom of the hole, rewarded by sunlight.

A friendly wave from Joe. Time to get out again.

But not this way.

Not that way.

Our friends are laughing at us.

Joe leading us to level ground

Kristin following towards level ground

Stuck on the wall

The river Aubonne

10 May: The river Aubonne all in a rush (but much less so than just two days ago)

Kristin and the river Aubonne

The mighty Aubonne racing towards its rendez-vous with Lake Geneva

Two days ago the tree was underwater (but I didn't have my camera).

The Aubonne (located near Aubonne)

Shall we chance it back across?

Back to the Sèche de Gimel

13 May 2012: We've started from farther down the valley (the road is open now), and pushed our way up to Kristin's favorite holes in the forest floor.

Dropping a stone in and counting the seconds till it hits something

Into the abyss, again

Kristin looking for her favorite hole in the forest floor

It was here somewhere.

There it is, down in there somewhere. That'll do.

What now?

Back out of the forest

A meteorite crater in the limestone Jura meadows of the Sèche des Amburnex

With bedframes and what not thrown down the throat of it to keep the cows out.

Out of the forest and back to Üli the Volkswagen, waiting for us at the Pré aux Veaux.

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