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Winter 2006-2007

A long afternoon of wandering all about

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

A walk in the Crêt de Mondisé general area

We're here on the Poisson d'avril, April Fools' Day, 2007, happily anticipating a nice walk up the gentle Crêt de Mondisé in the region of Mont Tendre.

We've been up the Route des Montagnes as far as the snowline allows us, at about 1250m altitude, and then tramped up an old forest track, past trees growing out of rocks, etc., popping out of the woods near the farm of La Correntine (1440m). Thence up the pastures to Mondisé (1524m), and that's when the trouble started.

We'd decided to just pop down to visit the farm of Pré de Ballens, the communal pastures of the village of Ballens down near Bière below the forests, but we walked off the wrong side of the hill, then compensated by trudging back to another wrong side of the hill, and fetched up here, below rather than above the farm, and not even entirely sure that it's the right farm.

But, as Dr Joe hastens to confirm, it is the farm we were looking for, at 1425m, so . . .

. . . we'll pause for a bit, despite the advancing hour, to take a few photos for our Farms collection.

This is quite an isolated region, just up a single track road from the village of Berolle.

The Pré de Ballens and the Pré de Mollens (above the village of Mollens) stretch out along a kind of shelf beneath the long ridge of Mont Tendre (on the left horizon) and the associated tortured forest jumbles called Les Rochettes.

The front side of the Mont Tendre ridges, with some usable pastures among some nastier hollows, holes, and little cliffs, neatly fenced off for the animals.

The pylon on Mont Tendre's summit on the horizon

That's the farm of the Pré de Mollens, about 900m to the northeast.

That, in the background, is the short way down from the Crêt de Mondisé, which we missed entirely.

And now, as the sun threatens to desert us, we begin the long slog back towards the Route des Montagnes, where we hope to find Dieter the VW waiting for us.

Good snow for walking in, anyway, and a perfect temperature

Passing the farm of the Pré de St-Livres, with the Monts de Bière on the horizon

The Pré de St-Livres

Another fine day out in the bracing springtime breezes

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