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Summer 2003 -- Yvoire, France, in 33°C heat and lots of company

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Holiday-makers from Switzerland bound for Yvoire can queue up and wait for the lake steamer on the pier at Nyon.

(Half-price rail passes work for the boats, too.)

Leaving Nyon and its white castle behind, anticipation grows and almost becomes uncontrollable.

The front gate of the medieval walled town of Yvoire in France (seen from the enormous carpark for buses).

Large numbers of visitors pace the crowded streets of Yvoire in 33°C (92°F) heat, some seeking unlikely bargains in the boutiques that line the narrow ways, most just seeking ice cream.

Granted, Yvoire's charming and well-preserved ambience would have been stunning on a sunny out-of-season afternoon. . . .

So great in this awful heat, however, was the press of strolling and chattering tourists oblivious to everything in their paths that the narrator and his friend gave up sight-seeing and wrestled their way back down to the port.

Last chance for ice cream before the boat leaves.

The heat is horrible, and the press of humanity no less so, so we'll go sit by the water's side.

Rather than run interference for the hot, bustling crowds, we bought The International Herald Tribune, The Guardian, and The Independent and reclined under the trees near the port until another boat came along, reading up on what our government's been up to when we weren't watching it closely, tallying the casualties again as usual.

The Vevey's here to take us home. Nope, that's not for us. We're on the next one.

Goodbye France, back to Switzerland.

Yvoire is just left of center on the far shore, seen from the narrator's livingroom window in Bassins, Switzerland in 2010, with Mont Blanc behind.

Summer 2002

Another visit to Yvoire, May 2010, without the oppressive heat

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