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Summer 2002

Hikes all round the old venues

Summer 2002 swooped in fast, blasted by over our heads with an acrid smell, and disappeared over the horizon. Mr D. Peck, for a large number of work-related reasons, was unable to plan any holidays from 2001 right all the way through 2002, and probably well into the spring of 2003 for that matter. He snatched an hour or two when he could, of course, but when Mr C. Berman came to Europe in July -- it was his turn, we've had to go to the USA for the past two summers -- he was pretty much on his own.

Mr Berman, in a fit of nostalgia, drags old friends up some of their old favorites, in uniformly inclement weather.

You may not find this interesting unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Señor Berman, in fairly awful weather on 13 July 2002, dashes up one of his favorites, the Dent de Jaman above Montreux, recalling other visits some quarter century earlier.

We're almost there

Dash up, touch the summit cross, and head for the pub -- Mr Peck picks his muddy way down the Dent de Jaman in pursuit of Prof Berman, who's got the lunch bag.

Tour de Famelon

Posing Portentously in front of the Tour de Famelon, July 2002, here are two gentlemen who first snowshoed here when Jimmy Carter was trying in vain to impart a little decency to the US presidency.

"Hi there! Here we are in the rain!" Profs Durham and Peck above Bryon heading for Truex and Famelon, July 2002.

Put this question to yourself. Was Nick Carraway a homosexual? Whether or not you have strong opinions about The Great Gatsby, try to imagine yourself arguing about them in the chilly rain near Famelon.

Mr Peck enjoying an appalled moment at the back of Sur les Truex above Leysin (chocolate wrappers tossed in the limestone crevices), not far from his old snowcaving venues.

Now we'll go to the Tour de Famelon

Prof Berman pauses on the Tour de Famelon to sneer.

Mr Berman, having been a decade away from his old haunts above Leysin, Switzerland, dashes up Tour de Famelon, July 2002.

Mr Peck follows him at a more dignified pace, as befits his present station in life.

Lunch on Famelon, July 2002. This is merely the most recent of 2,433 photographs of these same two gentlemen dining on the Tour de Famelon, 2,432 of which you will be spared, for the moment.

En route back down to Les Fers

Back down from Famelon (background) to the Chalet des Fers to rejoin Ms Durham, Rosie obligingly snapping off half a roll on us in fairly stormy weather.

Facing the other way round, the same malefactors with the Chamossaire in the background

Same again from Les Fers (thanks, Rosie), with Mont d'Or up on the left.

Summer 2002

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