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Marlowe Tyson Peck

Some of Dwight Peck's favorite pictures of Marlowe . . . . .

Marlowe and Dad

That's Marlowe a while ago -- Quite a while ago, with her Dad in 1985.

And here the wee one is at the Castle of Chillon, about 1987, with her doll. Marlowe's the one waving.

Marlowe in Turkey

Marlowe went to Turkey in about 1987 and began her lifelong fascination with ancient inscriptions and monuments. This was in Ephesus, just before we ran across a snake the size of a Toyota.

Marlowe skiing uphill

The same era, circa 1987, Marlowe Tyson Peck on a ski touring expedition. Since she was wearing boring old downhill skis, however, she had to be towed on the uphill parts.

Setting out for ski randonée, 1987

Café Tour d'Aï in Leysin, 1990

Marlowe in Gimel

Marlowe hanging out at our bachelor pad in Gimel, Switzerland, a few years ago.

Marlowe scrambling through the Caves of Naye at the vast old age of 7

mpcamp94.jpg (6614 bytes)

Marlowe freezing her youthful butt off in December 1994 (age 10.1) in a tent in the middle of the night on Mont Biére, Switzerland.

Lac de Morat, 1994

Evocative scenes of Marlowe, circa 1991-2, a) masked, b) horse riding, c) perplexed with headphones, d) mountaineering.

Boston, 1996, with Dad and Paul Miller

Boston, 1996, with Dad and Benjamin and Charlie Spozio

On the roof of Milan cathedral, 1997.

mpcow.jpg (22635 bytes)

Marlowe and one of her friends discussing T. Hobbes' theory of the "state of nature", high in the Alps, summer 1999.

mpgrindel.jpg (19156 bytes)

Waving coyly to the camera amongst 4000-meter peaks in Switzerland, August 1999.

marlizzie2.jpg (38120 bytes)

Marlowe and Dad at the Trient Glacier, 1999

Marlowe and Dima

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Marlowe Tyson Peck