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Visit to Switzerland in order to snowshoe bigtime
March 2000

Bad luck all the way round. Booked to visit her Dad in Switzerland during the February Break (in USA, Martin Luther King weekend with a few schooldays tucked in at both ends), Marlowe discovered belatedly that her USA passport had expired!  Bummer!! So in March, with solemn permission from her Mum, her Dad, all her teachers, and the school counselers, she went via Swissair (plastic meals and crappy movies) to visit the Old Fellow in mid-March 2000. And then re-commenced her old half-finished computer games and, when required, hiked all over the Jura mountains.

As here, 12 March 2000, near the Col du Marchairuz on the way towards the Crêt de la Neuve

Marlowe and her Dad setting off on snowshoes in the Jura mountains. Their friend Lisa took the photo.
Friend Lisa (right, strange sunglasses) and Marlowe (left, strange sunglasses) getting themselves psyched up for an expedition in the Jura mountains.

Lisa and Marlowe working up through a steep bit of loose snow.

Struggling along to keep up with the flow -- but that's what life is all about.

OOPS. "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

"No, don't leave me like this! Could the photographer put away the camera for a moment, and get me out of this mess?"

"Please! Help! I wish I were bowling or watching MTV or hanging out at the Mall right now."

Well, Pops, thanks for a helping hand on that one. May they all go that well!

Let's go hiking again sometime.

Oh No. Not so soon!  Here's Marlowe, later in the week, heading up toward Mont de Bière.

Lots of nice deep, wet snow

Here she is having a little lunch.  Look behind her -- that's a former stone farmhouse, way up here in the Jura mountains.  The ruined house has got big trees growing out of it, probably older than the United States. THAT gives you a little perspective.

Well, time to dance her way down out of here, and then go back to the USA. That old sweatshirt is Calvin Klein, by the way. (Not really. It's L. L. Bean.)

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Here's friend Lisa in upper-dishabille.

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Marlowe Tyson Peck