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A visit to the USA, summer 2013

More annual lakeside fun in the Northwoods

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Young William on the lake

William's just arrived all the way from Ottawa, had a bit of a lie-down, and now he's ready for Something New.

Will's being briefed on dock etiquette, as Zoë and her friend try to make bubbles.

William was here two years ago, but doesn't remember anything at all.

Dad Dmitri and Young William suiting up for a ride on the pedalo

Motive power supplied by Mom and Dad -- all Will's got to do is navigate. The bubble makers are benefiting from the trial and error method.

Off they go.

Bubble making -- bringing in an expert

-- That's how it's done.

A future entomologist

Dockside rock throwing competitions

William creating splashes from His Rock.

Grandpa and Mom take him for a spin on the hydrobike.

Dima, William and a family of ducks

Feast of burgers

Lots of burgers, and hands with ketchup on

What can it be?

It must be good.

Alison's joined us from Virginia, and William gets a try-out in the kayak.

Kirk, Alison, and a flag big enough for a used car dealership

The family's dockside area

William on His Rock, and an excellent splash

Mr Eagle, cruising for fish and unattended little boys

Mr Eagle, observing the dock carefully, but . . .

. . . losing interest.

Alison and Marlowe ready to head out

Mom Marlowe in the kayak

Mar and Alison, Dad (with the camera) struggling to keep up

-- Wait, who's watching William?

His dad Dmitri has got it all handled.

All together now, and outward bound

And later, back to the dock

William is supervising the progress of his watercraft.

The next day, back to the dock, of course

A cruise on the float boat

Marlowe (photo by Alison)

William's a welcoming child, but still not entirely sure about Grandpa.

Still not entirely sure about Grandpa.

The float boat floats past exuberant neighbors.

William's first driving lessons

(Photo by Alison)

Already, he's mastered it!

(Photo by Alison)

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