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Marlowe Tyson Peck's visit to Switzerland, late August and early September 1999

Having spent her most important years growing up in Switzerland, Marlowe and her Mom moved to England at some point, and then in late 1999, perhaps not so very wisely, move to the USA. What a culture shock that must have been! (Marlowe scoped that out for a few years, and then bolted for Canada!)

Whilst in England, Marlowe every-other-weekended with the Old Dad for a few years, and came for a week in mid-August 1999 just before sliding downwards to the USA some months later.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Marlowe's priority one was to go camping for a few days up on Mont Tendre, so here we are on 28 September 1999, breaking out the International Herald Tribune and putting the water on to boil for the tea.

Marlowe makes things comfy in the tent, near Mont Tendre.

A home away from home in a little nook or cranny northeast of the Mont Tendre summit.

Marlowe (aet. 14) camping near Mont Tendre, late August 1999

Marlowe discussing philosophy with her friends, near Bachsee above Grindelwald, early September 1999.

Bachsee (and Marlowe), 1 September 1999

Alps (and Marlowe) (and Bachsee), 1 September 1999.

A lake (and Marlowe) on the walk back down to Grindelwald

Marlowe (aetatis sua 14) in the Alps near Grindelwald, September 1999.

Dwight (aetatis sua 107) in the Alps again

Marlowe self-fortifying with a little snack for a splendid visit to Ballenberg, the Swiss Open-Air Museum, arguably the best tourist attraction on the planet by any number of measures.

Marlowe in Ballenberg.

André (Dante) and Lisa Durham and Marlowe at Anzeinde, Switzerland, rather a long uphill walk from Solalex just for a nice lunch, 4 September 1999.

A very nice lunch at Anzeinde with the Durhams.

Marlowe on Mont Sala, 18 September 1999.

Marlowe in the Jura

Dad in the Jura

Glad to be roaming about in the Swiss Jura, rather than in a crappy school in Britain

Marlowe cooking up some dinner on Mont Sala

The Old Dad, with the Old Dôle in the background, 19 September 1999

Nobody seems to want to go back to school in England. Would you?!?!

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