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Marlowe T. Peck briefly beatified with her own halo at the Chalet à Roch Dessus, August 2002.

Young Marlowe entered the Vale of Tears in Aigle, Switzerland, on 14 November 1984 and was immediately named after the brilliant poet/playwright/spy Christopher Marlowe, 1564-1593 (left), because "Shakespeare" as a first-name sounded pretentious. The civil registrar in Aigle was not at all comfortable recording a name so obviously not on the Saints List, but once reminded of Marlo Thomas's very brief run with a half-hour TV sitcom in the 1960s, he accepted it as a common American prenom. mar-crettaz1.jpg (5685 bytes)

Having spent her first six years or so in the ski resort of Leysin, Switzerland, hanging out in all her spare moments with the other kids of working parents at the farm with wonderful Tatie ("auntie") in Crettaz (right), she then went to join her mother in the village of Vufflens-la-Ville north of Lausanne. (The village of Vufflens-la-Ville is the one without the château; the village of Vufflens-la-Château, not too far away, is the one that has the château.)

In 1996, however, Marlowe and her mom flitted off to England, in the United Kingdom, not far from London. Neither of them was superbly happy with England, by the sound of it, but at least Marlowe became a seasoned "unaccompanied minor" air traveler whilst visiting her Old Dad in Switzerland, building up frequent flyer miles every other weekend for three years or so. Lamentably for some of us, she then shuffled along to the USA in 1999, and set up shop somewhere north of Philadelphia, in a nice very old house with its own swimming pool, hoopla-ho!

Marlowe getting married, 2006 (supported by Dad and Mom on either side)

As photos accumulate (as they tend to do), Marlowe's Dad posts some of his favorite scans here, as the new century progresses, or the first part of it anyway -- then she's on her own.

But in the meantime . . . here are the collections so far.

Baby pix, 1984-1996. Great! Worth recommending!

Her Dad's favorite pictures over the past half century

Marlowe checks out the ancient cities in western Turkey, 1987

Marlowe learns to ski and goes ski randonnée, 1988

Marlowe in the Caves of Naye,
age 7, 1992

Marlowe camping on Mont de Bière, age 10, December 1994

Marlowe camping on Mont Sâla, October 1995 & September 1999

Marlowe and her Dad visited sister Alison in New Mexico, USA, July 1997

Mar's visit to the Alps, August 1999

She visited her Dad in Switzerland and brought Lizzie along, October 1999

In March 2000, she  went back and snowshoed herself half to death in the Jura mountains

Visited her sister Alison at the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, summer 2001

Marlowe hiking in the Jura in winter gear and sandals, also 2001

The attack of the Cow Commandos, Switzerland, summer 2002

Marlowe visits Colmar and Strasbourg, France, with friends, summer 2002

The Château of Chillon, 1986 and 2002

Northern Italy hikes, 2002

Marlowe's and Dima's Christmas visit, 2002

Marlowe's visit, June 2003, with La Sarraz, Romainmôtier, Fribourg

Ottawa, Canada, August 2004

Christmas in Switzerland, 2004

Marlowe and Dima get married, June (or perhaps July) 2006, in Canada, or perhaps in the USA

Marlowe in Switzerland, June-July 2007

Mar, Dad, and the Old Dad, 2010

Introducing Young William, USA, 2011

Marlowe & William in Switzerland, October 2012

Visit to Wisconsin, August 2013

With Dmitri & Young Bill, Wisconsin, August 2014


With Dmitri & Young Bill, Wisconsin, August 2015

Gornergrat, Switzerland, July 1985

Hiking in the mountains, 1992

Marlowe and family members standing on a lightning target at the Langmuir Lightning Laboratory on South Baldy mountain, New Mexico, USA, 1997.

Marlowe and Dad at the Trient Glacier, 1999

margnome1.jpg (28591 bytes)

Marlowe expressing her views on rain, near Mont Tendre, July 2000

Marlowe doing her gnome impressions in mismatched gaiters, January 2001.

With Dad, Pennsylvania, USA, April 2003

Marlowe in Switzerland for Christmas 2004

Marlowe spent November 2000 in Peru -- her photo essay on Lake Titicaca (above) was published on the Ramsar website, and . . .

. . . at Ramsar COP8 in Valencia, Spain, November 2002, one of many panels of the University of Valencia (Spain) SEHUMED's exhibition on culture and wetlands, on view in the main corridor of the Museum of Science. Note that cute photo of Lake Titicaca in the upper center . . .

. . . by Marlowe Tyson Peck.

Lisa and Marlowe, January 2005

Mar and Dad, 2006

Alison, Marlowe, and Dad, Lake Superior, 2010

Marlowe and Young William, Wisconsin, 2011

Marlowe and William in Switzerland, October 2012: Chillon, Leysin, Gruyères, and more

In Wisconsin, with friends, August 2013

Marlowe and Bill on the lake, Wisconsin, August 2014

Dmitri, Bill, and Marlowe on the lake, Wisconsin, August 2015

Marlowe, with Dima and Billy, on the lake in northern Wisconsin, August 2016

Marlowe et al on the lake in northern Wisconsin, July 2017

Marlowe and family on the lake, July 2018

Marlowe and entourage in Wisconsin, July 2019

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Marlowe Tyson Peck