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Wisconsin during the Tea Party coup, 2011

More lakeside fun in the Northwoods

A visit from William Tyson Clark etc., with his entourage

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Young William has trekked out from Ottawa to get acquainted with this grandad and, possibly, learn to swim at the lake. Marlowe and Dima are acting as chaperones for a week in early July.

Now that Marlowe's here for a spell, with her whole crew, we're having a dinner party at Cousin Rob's house on the far side of the lake.

Little William Tyson Clark etc. is getting fed his hors d'oeuvres, with Kristin's mom and brother Eric conversing.

L'il William needs his naps from time to time.

And sometimes he needs his little bunny, too.

Kristin coming out from the kitchen to join the party on the deck

The view off Cousin Rob's deck at nearly sunset

The ladies Hagge, conversing

Grandpa gets Little William to smile . . . or fails to get Our William to smile at all.

Marlowe gets Our William to smile. Dima is helping. Eric is taking a break.

Quality time on the dock

Marlowe and Dmitri have got Trooper William out on the pedalos, but it failed them (the pedals were made for little kids), and Kristin's gone out to tow them home.

Safely back in port, Dima's unhitching the tow rope.

A better boat this time. But no one has explained any of this to The William, and he's doubtful, but waiting.

For William, there's nothing to do but wait -- all of these decisions are being made without him. We all know the feeling.

Dmitri prefers quietly rowing to cranking up the outboard motor and setting Happy William off on a petulance jag.

Kristin, Marlowe, and Dima showing William round the local sights at this end of the lake

William is attentive but perplexed.

Another dead end, as it turns out

William seizing the opportunity to catch a few winks when there's a chance

Dima's off in the kayak.

(Decent Jim Holperin beat off the scumbag challenger, Kim Simac, thanks not least to Kristin and her mom telephoning round to get out the vote and driving people to the polls.)

We wonder if we'll ever see him again.

L'il William's first jump in the lake

Kristin's mom's house near the dock

Okay, he's back. No worries.

Sir William is anxious for a ride in the pontoon boat -- if it ever gets here.

Here it comes.

Kristin's at the helm. (Let's get off the dock.)

Neatly landed.

Off we go. His Williamship is still getting used to the aquatic environment.

And sneezing, too. Our Old Bob, probably in his last year or so (kidneys), is looking for a quiet place to snooze.

A loon!

A loon

Bob gets some serious attention, and William is out like a light.

A hike on the Bearskin Trail, with its trestles from the old railroad right of way.

There are turtles everywhere here, sunning on the trees in the water, and I promise not to put any of those photos here.

Not a car dealer's flag, but we're trying. What if someone, perhaps on the other side of the lake, thought you might not be supporting our heroes.

Fast Willie's had a fine time at the lake in Wisconsin and promises to come back next summer, next time to talk to us, too, and dance, sing, and turn somersaults if asked.

Herons invading the raft

Summer in Wisconsin, 2011

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