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Visit to Switzerland with her friend Lizzie
October 1999

In 1999, Young Marlowe had lived in England for a few years but was soon to move to the USA with her Mum. Just before moving, she and her friend Lizzie went to visit her Fond Papa in Switzerland.

Here she is (right), preparing to set out from the Col du Forclaz to hike to the Trient Glacier.

And, a few hours later, there's the glacier (only half as big as when she was here in about 1990). Global warming!!

(Glacier Retreat is not a joke. In the late '80s, where Old Peck and Young Peck are presently standing would have been INSIDE the glacier seen in the background. Here's proof.)

Borrowing the vodka stash from her Dad for a quick burst of energy.

Kids scrambling on glaciers

There's no ice to go walking around on these days, ten years later.

Lovely ice with big rocks on it

Marlowe foofing with her Dad

Marlowe feeling more or less semi-contemplative by the glacier outflow stream, October 1999.

Back out from the glacier towards La Forclaz

Back at her Dad's flat, Marlowe is astonishing Lizzie with her dexterity with Sim games.

And here they are, some days later, hiking up La Dôle in the Jura mountains of Switzerland.

Somewhere near the top, Lizzie takes Marlowe's picture whilst she's trying to fix a tear in her stuffed duck. Her father displays his well-known patience and wonders why she brought her stuffed duck along in the first place. This is why she carried her stuffed duck up onto the mountain . . .

So Lizzie could hit her in the head with it!

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Marlowe Tyson Peck