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Marlowe's visit to Switzerland, June 2007

Newly graduated from university, soon to be off to job-hunting, Marlowe visits the Old Dad in Switzerland.

Lovely Swiss cities: Thun

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

A dreary, in fact a rainy day in Thun, 27 June 2007, but Marlowe's visiting so it's like the sun is shining anyway.

The Stadtkirche on the far side of the mighty Innere Aare.

The wooden bridge (the Alte Holzbrücke)

The Sinnenbrücke over the Innere Aare

The 15th century disco

The Rathaus-Platz, or town hall square

The quiet, ancient Rathaus Platz, and DHL speeding things up a bit

The castle peeking down vigilantly, just keeping an eye on how the burghers are doing down at the Old Rathaus. Let's go see how those old Zahringers lived back in the 12th century, pretty well, I'll bet, compared to the townies.

-- 'Allo. Can we come in please? Won't disturb!!

The Schloss Thun, frequently described as a "fairy tale castle"

It certainly doesn't look vulnerable to main force. If you were ordered to conquer it, "guile" would be my advice.

But even after paying the admission fee, Homeland Security are everywhere.

The view from the parapets, or turrets, or whatever. The Stadtkirche nearby (left), and the two rivers Aare below -- the Innere Aare (nearer) and the Äussere Aare on the far side.

And the Rathaus Platz

A year later, this working family seems scarcely to have made any progress at all.

Kids' sleigh

-- I simply cannot continue!

(left) Conscientious Objector. (right) Casper and Damozel. Looks a little like "Beautiful Luce" from the Château de Gruyères.

The Stadtkirche

At the Stadtkirche, the Bishop strides out to greet us and show us around the crypt and the belfrey and what not.

Marlowe in the church porch

The view from the cathedral

The neighborhood

City gate

We're leaving the château now; in fact, we're leaving Thun now.

Castle-symmetry-wise, as good as it gets. But why are the flags flying in different directions?

Perhaps a little lonely up there.

Rathaus Platz

Welcome to the Restaurant/hotel Zunfthaus zu Metzgern

Photos by Marlowe

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