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Gandria, Switzerland

The Swiss lakeside village that has mastered scenic perpendicularity and good cuisine.

This is where you go when skiing's becoming tiresome
and you need a quick sun fix.

I.e., Gandria on Lake Lugano in the Italian-speaking canton Ticino of Switzerland (where it's called Svizzera!), April 1984, an excellent place to warm up a bit for a few days and then go back and finish the ski season properly.

No cars in the village, obviously, mostly just covered walkways between the buildings, right down to our hotel at lakeside.

Gandria from the brilliant lake steamer.

San Salvatore from the hotel window -- the travelers had a good hike up and down it and a nice dinner in the main square of Lugano, just off to the mountain's right side.

The lake steamer pulling in. 'Get your socks on and grab the flask, it will be here in a moment!'

Pulling out of Gandria for the lake cruise.

Traveling companion Jane on the lake steamer, heading back to Gandria from Lugano.

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