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Marlowe gets hitched, July 2006

Matrimonial hijinks in South Strafford, Vermont

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

The venue: Buena Vista, ancient family seat of the Clan of Marlowe's mom. The ubiquitous hegemonic flag, centre.

The proceedings soon to get underway, 3 July 2006, Kristin winding her watch so as not to miss the main events.

Mothers of the bride (left) and groom (right) express suitable astonishment.

Andrei, father of the groom, assembles the gathered multitudes into a kind of order on the lawns of Buena Vista.

The procession (to appropriately Mozartian music) advances onto the lawns of Buena Vista. Ubiquitous American flag, left.

Lining up for the ceremonials, from left: Andrei and Elena (parents of groom), Sasha (best man), groom and bride, Anastasia (sister of groom), Alison (half-sister of bride), Jane (mother of bride). (Dwight (father of bride), photographer (not shown).)

Splendid allocutions tumble over one another as everyone combines wit and irony with heartfelt sentiment for the occasion.

Andrei's address to the young couple. The photographer was still trying to write his own speech whilst taking this photo (and in the end, just repeated Andrei's, as it was quite good).

Time for the ring, profoundly signifying . . . Well, time for the traditional ring.

Well, that's done. From left, Marlowe, Anastasia, Alison, Jane, and Elliott, Marlowe's stepdad.

"See, I told you so."

Groom and bride, July 2006. Everyone wishes them the very best of luck in the 21st century, when everyone is really really going to need it.

Time for the big group photo

Wait -- Again! I forgot to set the timer!

Where's Waldo?

Sister Susan, who'd come from Ohio rather than miss this joyous occasion, and Lisa, who'd come from Switzerland rather than miss it as well.

Bridesmaid, Groom, Bride, Best Man (with, apparently, ten national backgrounds amongst them)

Father of Bride (left), and Bride's surrogate step-mom Lisa from Switzerland

Bride, with Dad and Mom

Anastasia, an up-and-coming singer in Canada, provides the entertainment

Following a number of solo songs of her own composition, Anastasia succeeded in getting serious numbers of her fans . . .

. . . caught up in some Vermont-style sing-a-long.

Bride and Groom take a break from the festivities.

Kristin and Carol discussing a full agenda of socio-cultural issues.

Alison taking pictures of the Woman in White on the Buena Vista lawns

From innovative angles

Time for the wedding cake

Prospective eaters of cake

More prospective eaters of cake

from left: young lady, Lisa, sister Susan, Andrei, anticipating wedding cake

Alison with her 900-megapixel Sony

More photography: Marlowe and Kristin, Susan and Alison, and the ubiquitous American Flag

Kristin, Susan, Alison, and the Flag!

Kristin and Dwight take a pause whilst looking for the Whistling Pig cooler

Mom Jane, Dmitri, Marlowe, Stepdad Elliott

Kristin, Dima, Marlowe, and a passerby (for scale)

Alison, Dmitri, Marlowe, Fond Papa, Lisa

The Family of the Groom

Dima and his new father-in-law

Newlyweds, getting a running start on the 21st century


Quilt, organized by Marlowe's mom, created by Everybody.

That was fun. Now let's go for a hike up Mt Cube!

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