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Castles in Italy

Carimate, Ivrea

Il Castello di Carimate, April 2000

a 14th century city fortress in a village between Milan and the lake of Como

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Still in renovation in April 2000 (paying for itself as it goes along), this ancient testimonial to nasty urban politics is now an hotel and restaurant with a fair amount of ambience.

The castle dominates the village of Carimate, of course, which was the whole point of the thing, and stepping out onto one's balcony (like ours, center left in the photo on the right) you can almost imagine yourself as The Pope addressing the weeping hysterical throngs of the faithful in front of St. Peter's. Except that there aren't any throngs, the balcony window doesn't open because a little more renovation's needed on this part, and you aren't really holy enough yourownself. But never mind, it's fun imagining anyway.

Kristin telephotoically on the back terrace of the castle.

The front gate over the (dry) moat; Kristin in the inner hall, April 2000

The inner courtyard from our room. The old pile also functions as a popular free-standing semi-gourmetish restaurant, so the old gatehouse gets a lot of traffic, especially on weekends.

Carimate, the Postcard!

Beautiful downtown Carimate from our room. An excellent brief vacation from this centrally-located spot, in fact -- boat rides on Lake Como and a hike round Lecco, and the usual rewarding cultural tours of Milan, the cathedral and the Brea museum of art (a favorite) -- as ever, northern Italy and the lakes region help to revivify one's ebbing faith in the prospects for humanity in the throes of its present, astonishingly-quick 'race to the bottom' of popular culture.

Ivrea, October 1997

Marlowe, then just a kid, near a semi-renovated castle above the foot of the Aosta valley where it debouches into the plain of the Po between Turin and Milan, 1997.

Some parts may be easier to renovate than others.

Emily and Marlowe

The semi-renovated castle is now a semi-renovated hotel, from which over 3 or 4 days delightful day trips into Milan are perfectly plausible.

Milan cathedral, not bad work at all for medieval savages. (The highway bridge in downtown Montreal just collapsed without warning, but the Milan cathedral just keeps on thrusting up there somewhere.)

Marlowe on top of Milan cathedral, not looking so delighted. Displeased by the heights involved, by the look of it. (A few more pictures of Milan cathedral in1997.)

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