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Castles in Switzerland

The Château d'Allaman

The château of Allaman sits on a rise just above the Route du Lac, not far downhill from the town of Aubonne (and not far downhill from the IKEA)

Photos taken on 20 June 2003

June 2003

The castle is presently inhabited by a consortium of antique dealers.

Kristin, antique-hunter

Same castle, October 2005, but the antique-dealers are on their way out, alas.

You may not believe me, but the castle has been sold off for condos, and the antiquarians are looking for new digs. So it goes.

Post-renovation photos of the Château d'Allaman

The 13th century Savoyard Château d'Allaman, host over the years to Joseph Bonaparte, Empress Joséphine, the Count Camille Cavour, Voltaire, Franz Liszt, George Sand, the first International Peace Summit (1830), and latterly a consortium of antique dealers who had to move out before the renovations -- once recently renovated, apparently time-share apartments nowadays.

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