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The American Library of Geneva

Mr Peck, seriously unemployed, wandered into the American Library of Geneva in about 1993, won his post and took up his 2/3 time duties as Librarian and had a wonderful time for two years, 1993-1995, hanging out with the volunteer ladies.

Dwarfed religiosity

The American Library of Geneva is a century-old semi-independent function of the Emmanuel Church, the American Episcopalian church in the city (above). Mr Peck served for two years as Librarian, though the salary was only just enough to top up the Swiss unemployment benefits and pay for the railroad pass into the city, but the opportunity to work alongside so many wonderful volunteer library assistants was well worth all the Book Selection Committee meetings poring over NY Times bestseller gardening books and gory murder mysteries.

Jean (right), Volunteer Assistant Librarian, was one of our favorites amongst more than 20 unpaid assistants who made the job worth having.

Narrator tired in Geneva, 1994.

Nonetheless, the daily round of a 2/3 employment at the Ramsar Secretariat and 2/3 with the American Library of Geneva began in the end to take its wan and weary toll (above), so reluctantly Mr Peck had to leave the Geneva ladies and settle down to saving wetlands on a full-time basis with Ramsar.

The Chairperson of the Library Board (Kristin) at the desk, with Emily assisting, and the librarian with the tie on working in the background.

A few more recent photos

Kristin's back on the library board, and we've come into the city on the steamship Savoie (17 June 2013) for Kristin's birthday to catch a recital in the church's salle polyvalente

The Emmanuel Episcopal Church -- we're here for the lieder recital, but we're early.

The Emmanuel church offices round the back. The American church was founded in 1873 and inaugurated by President U. S. Grant in 1877.

Since 1930 the church has hosted the "Library in English" (formerly The American Library), and Kristin was volunteer Chairperson of the Board when I was working here in the early 1990s.

Brings back memories, many of them good.

June 2013 (not dissimilar to June 1993)

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