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Wisconsin during the Tea Party coup, 2011

More lakeside fun in the Northwoods

Visitors from Kansas (coming north to escape the Global Warming if possible)

One of us had the privilege of being Lowell's teammate and sometime flatmate at the University of Kansas, lo!, not far off from half a century ago now.

But the competitive spirit never relaxes its grip! and this time it's on hydrobikes.

It's Lowell's first time on the hydrobike, so we'll give him a few minutes to get used to it. Lowell and Sheila visited us several times in Europe over the years, but so far we haven't been able to make it reciprocally to Kansas.

But this year they graciously consented to let go the 100+°F in Kansas and drive the 80-hours straight through to spend some time with us in northern Wisconsin.

Sheila agrees that hydrobikes are really fun (as our friend Kim's just getting started on the stand-up paddleboard).

Parenthetically, that paddleboard worked out well for Kim, too.

Lowell's ready now, and the race is on two miles to the far end of the lake and back. (Disclosure: I didn't tell him that it was a race until the end of it, and I won. Anytime you can beat out a "recordman du monde", as the French say, all's fair.)

Hydrobikes aside for the moment, we've driven another hour north to the family's cabins on Lake Superior near Ontanagon.

We've got two cars along so we can preposition one of them for our hikes in the Porkies.

Arising at a decent hour the next morning, we find our guests returning from a long hike up the Lake Superior shore.

Atop the observation tower on Summit Peak in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan Upper Peninsula, with Lake Superior just visible over the farthest ridge. Kristin, Sheila, and Lowell preparing for a nice day out.

It's all downhill from here. Literally. Almost literally.

Time for lunch alongside Mirror Lake

Lily Pond, farther along the Little Carp Trail

A short break at Lily Pond

Lily Pond

Beaver digs

The stragglers are in danger of being left behind

Back at the cabin after a very good walk in the park. Tomorrow -- down the lower Little Carp Trail to Lake Superior.


Not only teammates and flatmates in Lawrence, Kansas -- also: fraternity brothers. Briefly.

The Little Carp Trail. "Carp" refers, not to fish, but to the Escarpment that looms along the northern side of the forest, up to our right.

More uphills along the way

And creeks wanting crossing

Kristin plunging ahead . . . no, dashing ahead . . . with enviable agility

More impedimenta

Easily solved with enough imagination and a little sitting down . . .

. . . as less imaginative members of the party walk across the stones

The end of the Little Carp Trail at Lake Superior

A convocation of Porcupine-walkers at the Lake Superior shore

Crossing the Little Carp again to follow the Pinkerton Trail up to a prepositioned car about an hour south

Hikers frequently impersonate rabbits to keep people's spirits up.

Dinner time on Lake Superior

Lowell explaining how things really were, all those years ago in Lawrence. Hilarious stories . . .

. . . but probably you had to have been there. (Photo by Sheila)

Next day, back on the beach. Looking for eagles.

Eagle's nest

We're here for a walk down the Presque Isle River at the western edge of the Porkies.

Sheila and Kristin lead through all the slippery parts.

Above the Presque Isle River on the east creek trail

Sheila and Kristin nearing the lake

The Lake Superior shoreline at the mouth of the Presque Isle

Round holes in the Presque Isle

Small falls all the way up the west creek trail

More falls with unmemorable Indian names

Hikers on the Presque Isle River, and then driving south again . . .

for one more go on the hydrobikes.

Summer in Wisconsin, 2011

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