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A photographic record of whatever leapt out at us

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a
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Late June photos from the lake (miscellaneous)

New docking arrangements for the working hydrobike (that other stuff is presently dysfunctional), but . . .

. . . backing the good one out of our 'hydrobike cove' is a proper job of work.

A vintage boathouse in another little cove, long disused.

Some of the 'old-timers' have evocative stories of what seems to have gone on there, way back when.

Some cute deer back in Tomahawk Bay
(awkward camera setting on this one)

A venerable tree-dumping ground from the old days

Woodpeckers can be cute in action, but with serious longterm effects.

The tail of Tigertail

Pink Island

A view from the Tigertail to Pink Island just 30m (100 ft) to the south

This is a sandy/pebbly bar halfway connecting Pink Island to the mainland, a popular spot for families to tie up and splash around in the water whilst Dad fishes from the pontoon boat.

No one round here seems to know how Pink Island got its name, but there is a 'Dr Pink Drive' adjacent to the central island of nearby Minocqua, so there may be some long-forgotten history there. (No one could ever actually to have lived on this thing; it's mainly just a tangled up swamp.)

The southern side of triangular Pink has a pleasant little beaching site past a rocky spit, but . . .

. . . since the Forest Reserve took over a few years ago, the interior is off limits, wisely so.

Still a nice little casual beaching spot is usually welcome during a long ride on a hot day.

Most of the Forest Reserve is open to the public, except for a few of the islands and a couple of other fragile areas.

(We once tried to explore around on the island -- it's longest dimension is only 73m (240 ft) -- and it was an overgrown, tree-fallen nightmare.)

Time to shove off.

Over another rocky corner reef to the western side of Pink

The Tigertail full on from the south end of Pink

The Crossing of the Bar, into a slight headwind . . .

. . . another utter failure -- lodged up on the rocks . . . time for some heavy lifting. Embarrassing.

The boathouse door is open. Where are the cats?

There's one of them.

Choupette can admire varied water craft, but . . .

. . . won't personally go anywhere near them. Except . . .

. . . we sense a special affection for the Grumman FunShip.

More baleful looks from Choupette, who has signaled many times that she despises this show, and can't read the subtitles anyway.

-- Hey, Melvin, the bus doesn't stop here anymore.

Idle cat, waiting for the cows to come home

Choupette's half-siblings, Pugsley (right) and Wednesday, also visiting here for most of the summer. (Kindly ignore that inappropriate lamp stand.)

The long Mussent Point shoreline

The view one mile to the south, where the lake breaks off into two semi-complicated directions, one farther south,
the other back up to the northeast (map below).

A neighborhood scene

Melvin on sentinel duty

Two brand-new babies meet for the first time . . .

. . . George (left) and Owen (right). Worthy additions to the clan.

The mysteries of an emptied rain barrel

She'd probably track it into the Wisconsin River if we didn't intervene.

Brightening up the livingroom

Fitted out for a new mission, 27 June 2023

Drawn up on 'Sandy Beach', 1.2 miles south of home, but . . .

. . . alas, no farther.

(Let's sneak ashore anyway. Just for a moment.)

-- I'm trying to take nap here! Okay?!

What is this feline fascination with septic tanks?

A look of unalloyed determination

A look of unalloyed fatigue

Melvin merely watches, makes no comments.

Some more deer at the north end of Tomahawk Bay. We're trying to sneak in a little closer.

The two fawns have already seen us and sprinted off into the foliage, but we're otherwise unobserved.

Sniffing the air? (No worries, we've just showered.)

Ach, spotted. What gave us away? Off she goes, up the hill into the forest.

Late afternoon sun across the lake

A gathering of cats (Wednesday's still on the way), demanding their evening fix of Greenies in front of the telly.

The Lake in Wisconsin

Mussent Point is at the red dot.

Next up: Cats still on the lake (and an unexcitable deer in the canal)

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