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Summer 2020

A photographic record of whatever leapt out at us

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Still more scenes from the lake, mid-September 2020

Our annual summer pilgrimage to the Wisconsin Northwoods

This is an experiment, one we've been contemplating, and planning, all summer.

It's all about how far we can get this boat thing in amongst all this superfluous greenery. 10 September 2020.

Oh no, we're stuck fast. There's no way out.

We stay calm and try a little harder.

We can make it. It's possible. Even likely.

A big sigh of relief

A meeting at mid-lake: Kristin and Kim, and by the looks of it, a small cat

It's Choupette -- looking in a fiercely bad mood, as usual

Pure malevolence (we still haven't figured out if that's real malevolence or her inherited happy face)

Anyway, something's distracted her and we can slip away.

So we go over and circumhydrobike Adjidaumo, the central island.

Something's going on over on the eastern shore -- something that's probably illegal. Tampering with the shoreline, oh no.

On the other hand, since Scott Walker wedged himself in as governor (and survived his recall), he and his pull-up-the-ladder Republican friends have discarded most of the ecological regulations, and nowadays it seems that anything goes. That looks like it's going to be the foundation of a (formerly) illegal building right at the lakeside.

We'll move along smartly, in case they see us and they're armed.

A string of older boathouses along the northeastern shore

And back to the boathouse at Mussent Point

11 September 2020, and a good day for the secchi disc

Cousin Rob is measuring the turbidity vs. clarity of the water by lowering the secchi disc down and measuring the length of the cord when the disc can't be seen anymore.

Another dead tree

They should all be changing color soon. Except the ones that are not supposed to change their color.

Setting off back up the lake at the end of the afternoon

Another rainy day -- another frustration for hapless Melvin the Doge; 12 September 2020

13 September -- learning to drink the lake water without falling headfirst into it

Baby Leigh island

Chase Island, down by the highway bridge

Searching for chanterelle mushrooms and/or the purple loosestrife noxious invasive weed

Stuck on the sunken tree trunk. Try rocking the bike.

A hydroponic sort of regrowth on the old log

More trees headed south

The ladies setting out for a bracing cruise around the lake . . .

. . . and running into Cousin Rob for a catch-up on all the news.

Now, finally, we can get on with our bike ride.

How the other half lives when they come up to their refuge on the lake whenever they can get away during the summer

Another late afternoon return from the southern end of the lake. It's a little over 2 miles back north to Mussent Point.

Passing the Tiger Tail and turning north

Cousin Rob headed back east towards home

This, it seems, is their favorite sunbathing place.

16 September 2020, and getting progressively colder every day (and night). What will the turtles do?

The spillway at the canal again, 16 September

Another trip south, 17 September 2020

We'll creep closer, but we must be careful not to startle them.

They know something's up.

Oh no -- sorry!

We never intended to scare them . . .

. . . but there they go!

Secchi disc

The enclave at Mussent Point


Cousin Rob hanging out at the little lake along the canal

Clarinet clouds

It's Saturday, 19 September, the occasion for the Great Superspreader Motorcycle Rally in northern Wisconsin.

Hundreds have been roaring down the highway like rolling thunder, as it were. These are the stragglers.


Pace to everyone.

The Lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods

Mussent Point is at no. 12.

Next up: Last days on the lake, early October 2020

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