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Settling in in Ollon, Switzerland

Ollon, Switzerland. Exhausting, in a word, the move was, but we're mostly unpacked and settling in at last.

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Scenes of Ollon, late March - early April 2014

First things first -- there's not enough room in our new little flat for the books, but with Lisa's kind indulgence this street-front den (a butcher's shop in olden times) will be our overflow library.

Electricity pumped in from down the street for the moment

A job of work to do

Let's get started.

We ♥ IKEA.

The back yard (appropriately, overlooked by the Office of the Population in the town hall, right)

Dieter VW in his snuggly nest, and packing crates all over our patio

Back to the butcher's shop: progress

Back from a hike in the neighborhood

A beautiful old former farm building, dated 1830

Ollon from the vineyard road towards Antagnes to the south

The 13th century Château of the Rock

Ollon and Dents de Morcles

The Route Cantonale, the through road to Italy before the autoroute was put in

The Ollon village school, with the 13th century St-Triphon tower on the hill behind it

Up to the Ollon rail station

The protestant church

. . . and so to home.

The Squirrel is settling in, too.

The police station and newspaper kiosk

The café-bar La Fontaine, with a dépôt de pain for the daily bread

The pharmacy

The Hôtel de Ville restaurant and the café-bar La Fontaine, and the road up to the ski resort of Villars-sur-Ollon

The post office (over the railway station) on the road to Aigle

Trompe l'œil

Artisanal woodwork

Our street, with jogger and walkers

The neighbors

The backyard, with the wisteria coming in

My afternoon reading chair

The Dents du Midi

We're not likely to stand on top of it again, but we can still admire it from afar.

Early April flowers

Dieter in his niche

The patio

Our little "study". Or "office". Or "closet".

That's all "History". Everything else is tucked away in the boucherie, or butcher's shop.

The boucherie: Renaissance Lit on the left, science/religion/contemporary politics/philosophy/Reformation/science/mountaineering/winnie-the-pooh on the right

Brooding Scandinavian detective novels on the left. Travel in the middle.

The reception area

20 years of History Today and a shaky electrical connection

Ren Lit

A Chinese junk (I think) - for your garden.

Kristin at Images et Atmosphères (and the Zen Gardens), seeking some additional household items

The Étang du Duzillet near the Rhône river, part of the commune of Ollon

A half hour's walk around the étang, or pond. Some of the charming ponds along the river are relics of the draining of the marshes in the 18th/19th centuries, others are imaginative uses of excavations for building the highway roadbed in the 1960s and '70s.

A festive mid-week afternoon gathering at the buvette at the Étang du Duzillet

The Squirrel awaiting the postman

The patio, with wisteria and laundry on the drying-rack

Sans parole

The bedroom (presently occupied)

From the living room: the bedroom

From the bedroom: the living room (or 'the room for watching Inspector Montalbano and Foyle's War films in')

The "middle room" (and The Squirrel standing guard against invader cats)

And late April 2014

The castle

And mid-May 2014

The Château de la Roche

Rue de la Tour, the main road into town from the direction of Monthey

The Rue de la Tour -- we almost took that flat on the left when we were on the market three years ago.

We're being watched.

The viticole assocation

A parade, 16 May 2014

And whilst you're here . . .

Ollon views
Lisa's new house in Ollon, 2006
Christmas in Ollon, 2006
PhD party in Ollon, June 2007
Christmas in Ollon, 2007
Christmas in Ollon, 2008
Christmas in Ollon, 2010
Pre-move scoping mission, Feb. 2014
Scenes of Ollon village, March 2014
More scenes of Ollon, April 2014
Snow day in Ollon, January 2016

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The Étang du Duzillet, 24 October 2014

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