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Bassins, Switzerland -- the snow

21 March 2008
(weeks after we'd given up hope)

These are some views of Bassins and surroundings in the grip of winter. There's another page for the December storms of 2010.

Planning for a hike amongst the springtime flowers, we wake to this! 21 March 2008

Our lovely church in the middle of a four-day snowiness

Late March is a hell of time to be wondering where we left the snow shovel from last year. But anyway, it's the Good Friday holiday, and we can't spend that shoveling. We need to go for a hike instead.

We're scraping off as much as we can, so Dieter can get his VW wits about him and start preparing for our adventure-ride up to the trailhead at the Col du Marchairuz.

We're off for our hike and hoping that we'll be able to get in again when we return.

Off we go, then, for our first hike of the Easter weekend.

Beautiful downtown Bassins with some shoveling to do. We're only at 750 metres altitude here -- is this fair?

Summer tires in the middle of the road up from the valley

The rue de l'Eglise, Good Friday 2008

And the Eglise

A quick glance up the high street, and then we're off to the trailhead at the Col du Marchairuz

Following the snowplow up to the Col du Marchairuz for our hike, 21 March 2008

Our hike, quite snowy.

Our return to the rue de l'Eglise in the evening

The next day. But it wasn't over -- intermittent snows for four days, and all of it melted off four days after that.

Big snow in March 2006

It was a shock to get ready for work on 1 March 2006 and come out to find Hansie the Volkswagen nearly buried without a trace.

The Rue de l'Eglise

The Place de la Tillette

Bassins digging out, 1 March 2006

A little snow, 27 December 2005

27 December 2005, lovely day!

More snow in Bassins, January 2005

Finally, winter pokes its chilly head in, January 2005, and both living and dead snuggle down under the covers.

Somebody needs to shovel this stuff out of here. Christian? Graham? Jo?

Graham and Matthew hastening to keep ahead of it

Religious church in snow . . . .

Secular church in snow . . . .

Graveyard in snow, everybody staying tucked down in their nighties till springtime

Snowstorm, January 2005, our ex-life friends lying low until the worst of it is over

Bassins, Switzerland, 1998, in snow mode

Despite US-led global warming, snow still falls in downtown Bassins, sometimes with a vengeance. This was in 1998.

Something to wake up to, on the way to work!!!

Our house seen from the church.

A lot of snow removal going on here, mostly thanks to Herbert.

No place to put the snow

Herbert's got it nicely piled up in front now, with only a little help from the neighbors.

The church next door

So it's time to go to work now

We've got everything nicely sorted out. Except how to get to the mailboxes.

A little evening skiing from the park at the treeline just above Bassins, 1998.

A few hours later, faithful old Toyota still where we left it.

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