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Late summer 2014

Fun whilst it lasted

A nostalgic visit to one of our favorite hide-outs during the Leysin years (1977-1992)

You may not find this terribly rewarding unless you're included here, so this is a good time for casual and random browsers to turn back before they get too caught up in the sweep and majesty of the proceedings and can't let go.

Additional views of the Tour de Famelon

We've driven out to the Chalet des Fers, 17 October 2014, to revisit some of our old haunts. That's the Tour de Mayen on the horizon.

The Plan de Mayen and Tour de Mayen across the way. But today we're walking up to our favorite, the Tour de Famelon.

That, by the way, is the Berneuse, with its Kuklos turning restaurant since the mid-1980s.

The Chalet des Fers: back in the day, mostly inaccessible in winter except on touring skis or snowshoes, but since the skilifts were added in the mid-1980s, home of an excellent restaurant montagnard, closed today.

For today's stroll up memory lane, we've brought along Dr Pirri, who provides the memory part.

The classic view of the ship of Famelon, from the prow end; the vrai summit is visible behind that to the right. Here we go.

Another view of the Mayen as we get uphill a ways. The cliffy area in front there is called Dessus Corbex.

We pause for breath more frequently than we did in the old days. Here's the view back down to the left. The Leysin sports centre can just be seen on the centre right.

Dr Pirri is displaying admirable patience with the younger members of the party.

Towards the Col de Famelon

This end of the Truex; and Dr Pirri has kindly waited for us to catch him up

Dr Pirri may be getting impatient again. We'll try a little harder.

The clouds are swarming up behind us. We'll be stuck in a white-out again!

The fog is rolling in.

No, it's not; it stopped swarming, and here's Dr Pirri taking a nice break.

Sur les Truex (I read somewhere years ago that this is the highest concentration of limestone caves in a small area in Switzerland; that's either true or not true, or somewhere in between.)

Tour de Mayen and the Truex

The path to the top.

Dr Pirri reliving his own memories from the 1960s and later: the chain onto the top.

Here he goes.


It's our turn

The front part of Famelon again

The top of Famelon. The canister holds little notebooks and pens so that passersby can record their happiness for posterity.

Mont d'Or in the left-centre, Pic Chaussy right-centre

The Lac d'Hongrin

Dr Pirri on his way home

Back down the same way

The Crête des Fers

A fond look back

Back to the restaurant and skilifts

At the restaurant

The Chalet des Fers (with the Snack des Fers in front of it)

Le Chamossaire across the way

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