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Leysin, Switzerland, and its wonderful mountains (3)

A visit in January 2005

Le Chamossaire (2113m) across the ravine of the Grande Eau from Leysin

Les Dents du Midi from Leysin

Across the Rhône Valley towards Champéry

Les Dents du Midi

La Riondaz, the back side, January 2005

The Kuklos restaurant on La Berneuse, from the Bois de Prafandaz

The Tour d'Aï and the Kuklos on Berneuse

The Kuklos from near the top of La Riondaz

Les Diâblerets from Leysin

Mont d'Or from Chalet Ermina in Leysin, January 2005

Pic Chaussy, from Leysin

The Tour de Mayen from lower Leysin

Index of Leysin local mountain photos

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Leysin mountains

Leysin scenery

Leysin village

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