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Rochers de la Latte

near Leysin, Switzerland

The Rochers de la Latte lie seven kilometres from Leysin, a long ridge running off the north end of the Tour de Famelon and the rocks slanting down into the valley of the Hongrin.

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The lovely Tour de Famelon (2137m), seen from Les Chaux to the north, with the ridge of the Rochers de la Latte running off to the right, in the 1980s. This a really out-of-the-way place. The village of Leysin lies about 7km leftward on the far side of Famelon.

Mr Peck and Mr Mackenzie contemplating a walk up the Rochers de la Latte to Famelon in 1995, but they didn't do it, because they were lazy and still are.

The northwest side of the Tour de Famelon, from our traditional snowcaving spot -- the Col de Famelon is in the centre and the Rochers de la Latte run downward off to the left.

The way up to the Rochers de la Latte from Pierre du Moëllé (the big rock on the left, all hollowed-out gun emplacements), with Mont d'Or up the far side to the left. That's Marta in 1991 or so.

Here's Mont d'Or in the background, from Les Chaux near the Rochers de la Latte, Mark Malone and the narrator smiling coyly in February 1988 with the massif of Les Diablerets on the right horizon. (More from that visit.)

Another view of Mont d'Or extending towards Gros Van to the northeast, 1988, from Les Chaux, heading towards the ridge of the Rochers de la Latte.

Mr Peck well up on the ridge of the Rochers de la Latte, sometime in the late 1980s, bound for the Tour de Famelon in the early evening.

Famelon from the valley of the Hongrin to the west, with the Rochers de la Latte extending downwards to the left.

Sir Charles Berman standing on the Rochers de la Latte, waiting for the bus.

Hiking companion Marta marching up from Les Chaux onto the ridge of the Rochers de la Latte, February 1991.

Marta about halfway up onto the Rochers de la Latte.

Marta taking a photograph, 1991.

Marta racing to get into the picture

The Tour de Famelon on the left, with the Rochers de la Latte running straight northwards towards Les Chaux

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

Getting onto Rochers de la Latte the hard way

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