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La Riondaz

near Leysin, Switzerland

The lovely village of Leysin, in the Swiss Alps, sprawls at 1250m-1450m on the flank of a range of six small limestone peaks. These little peaks are wonderful in all seasons.

The Leysin Six, from left, La Riondaz (far left), La Berneuse (behind the tree), the Tour d'Aï and Tour de Mayen in the center, the long hump of the Truex, and the Tour de Famelon on the right.

The very most fabulous collection of local mountains anywhere, 7km across from left to right.

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La Riondaz (1980m), the small mountain right next to the Berneuse and directly behind Mr Peck's former residence at the bottom of the Solacyre skilift. Which means that Mr Peck came up here on foot or skis, at dawn or dusk, more than 200 times in his enjoyable tenure in Leysin. There's the summit at dusk.

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A little closer to the summit, at the end of a long day toiling away in the ACS Library. Mid-1980s.

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And from the summit of Riondaz, with the village of Veyges down below and downtown Leysin out of the frame toward the left.

The sports centre at the edge of the village, built in the early 1970s.

La Riondaz, the back side, from the Bois de Prafandaz, January 2005

The summit from the Solacyre side, January 2005

The Kuklos turning restaurant on La Berneuse, with the Tours d'Aï and Mayen behind

The Bergerie on the "yellow trail"

Dr Pirri awaiting the photographer on the descent back towards Solacyre.

Index of Leysin local mountain photos

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