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Mont d'Or

near Leysin, Switzerland

Mont d'Or (2175m) dominates the head of the valley of Ormont-Dessous, looking up from the Castle of Aigle in the Rhône valley, with the village of Le Sepey directly below, Leysin and its mountains circling off to the left, and Pic Chaussy, Les Diablerets, and Le Chamossaire circling round to the right.

Mont d'Or from Leysin village, January 2005.

Here's Mont d'Or in the center in the early evening, taken from the Tour de Famelon, with the range of Gros Van stretching off left to the northeast. The normal hiking trail winds up the ridge in the center, above those avalanche fractures to the right, from the Pierre de Moëllé farm and military sentry point for the army training grounds down off to the left in the valley of Hongrin.

The whole range, with Gros Van on the left and Mont d'Or on the right, seen from Aveneyre to the northwest, July 2006.

Another view of Mont d'Or extending towards Gros Van to the northeast, 1988, from Rochers de la Latte (Mr Berman and Mr Malone obscuring the foreground).

Here's Mont d'Or in the background, from the Rochers de la Latte on back side of Tour de Famelon, Mark Malone and the narrator smiling coyly in February 1988 with the massif of Les Diablerets on the right horizon.

Marlowe Peck's first ascent of Mont d'Or, sua aetatis 8 months, 1 August 1985, after having helped some local enthusiasts carry logs to the top for the traditional Swiss National Day mountaintop bonfires.

Marlowe's glad to be here, even with mismatched socks

Narrator and friend Marta setting out for the upper ridge of Mont d'Or, 2 February 1991

Hiking companion Marta preparing to assault the ridge to Mont d'Or.

Hikers coming back down from the top, about halfway down the ridge, 2 February 1991, Pierre du Moëllé below and off to the right, Leysin 8km off to the left.

Pierre du Moëllé (left), the pass at 1661m between the valley of Ormont-Dessous and the Hongrin down to the right (one of the largest military training grounds in Switzerland), with its big dam and lake. It's more or less hollow inside, those holes in the rock are gun ports. The café on the right caters mainly to soldiers in some seasons, hikers in others, and nobody in winter.

The col at Pierre du Moëllé from up on Mont d'Or, the slope up to Rochers de la Latte on the far side.

from SwitzerlandMobility (http://map.schweizmobil.ch/?lang=en)

Mont d'Or (summit far left) is worth a visit in any season.

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