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Leysin in the good old days

A few of Professor Berman's photos from the 1980s

Professor Berman has got boxes and boxes of fading photographs, but a few years ago he let us rip a few heterogeneous scans and here they are.

Prof and Ms Duddy, with their old Bamberg friend Prof Berman, in their robes, about 1980.

Prof Berman (left) and Ambassador Duddy on snowshoes

Sir Charles skitouring above Pierre du Moëllé, late 1980s


Prof Berman (foreground) seeking assistance from the ACS Head Librarian in about 1980

Mr Berman's views of hiking friends in about 1980: left, Prof Peck; right, Profs Peck and Duddy

Prof Berman's ski friends in the mid-'80s: Prof Ware and Prof Peck . . .

. . . arguing about something.

Prof Berman's old buddy momentarily despondent

Prof Berman on Truex, with the Tour de Mayen behind and somebody else off to the left.

Nicole, Prof Berman's best friend in Hermance

Sir Charles on one of his long-distance cycling trips, in France or Italy

Prof Berman's hiking companions heap derision down upon him as he hikes above Leysin, Switzerland, mid-1980s.

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