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In the dreadful, hopefully only, Year of Trump

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Melvin the Doge joins the team, 21 April 2017

This is a small collection of poignant photos of fairly cute cats, extracted from other webpages on this site.

Following the sad departure of the Squirrel in mid-February, little time was lost in facilitating the arrival of Melvin the Doge, the most insistently inquisitive small cat in memory -- here enjoying another episode of The Fjällbacka Murders on the telly.

Melvin and Patrick, the assistant chief of police in Fjällbacka, Sweden, 24 April 2017

Melvin and a laptop keyboard that's pleasantly warming for cats

Melvin experimenting with the Windows 10 display controls, 27 April 2017

It took 45 minutes to get this sorted out. Thank you, Melvin.

Melvin at rest

Melvin at rest again

Melvin wired up

Melvin the Doge meeting his predecessor, the Squirrel

Unlike the Squirrel, Melvin is a Selkirk Straight from France. His father recently won some kind of cat competition in Texas, USA.

Melvin exploring the balcony limits -- as he is an indoor cat in a neighborhood filled with predators, we discourage these stealthy investigations.


Melvin mesmerized by insects, poised to leap out after them

Yearning for insects

Melvin's fascination with nature shows, 10 May 2017


Melvin in frustrated hunter mode

This is Melvin the Doge's first sightseeing expedition with his new family, settling in at the Locanda Ca' Vejo in Megliadino San Vitale, Italy, 13 May 2017.

In Settimo Vittone, Italy, 19 May 2017, Melvin challenges that strange cat in the mirror.

Melvin is fascinated by computers. Mostly how to change their configurations, when you're not looking, by prancing on the keyboards, so vigilance is required.

Still obsessing about that strange cat

Melvin turned out to be a trouble-free automobile traveler, and is now looking forward to a two-hour trajet over the Gd St-Bernard to home.

Melvin cleverly hiding

Melvin impatient for lunch

Melvin as pillow

Melvin packing for his trip to the USA, 8 June 2017

Melvin likes small round places

Melvin with the Village of the Damned eyes

Contemplative Melvin

Melvin the Doge's first visit to the USA

Now in the USA in July 2017, Melvin the indoor cat sometimes wonders what it would be like to be an outdoor cat.

Rewarding hours on the window sill, and much safer from the eagles always circling overhead

A little place of one's own

Melvin the gardener (photo by Elke)

Alert and vigilant (photo by Emily)

A jigsaw puzzle enthusiast

Seeking the perfect jigsaw piece

-- My name is Melvin. What is your name? (Photo by Dmitri, 17 July 2017)

What's for lunch? (photo by Emily, 19 June 2017)

Any port in a drought

Busted! (21 July 2017)

The fire brigade

Cast off!

A home away from home (26 July 2017)

-- How did you find me?

Looking for leftovers

Photos by George, 27 July 2017


Patriotic cat (photo by George, 27 July)

Accusatory cat (photo by George, 30 July 2017)

Cat with a friend

-- I'm leaving home; buy me some stamps.

Special delivery (1 August 2017)

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Fun with Melvin and Choupette